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  • SOOOsmart SOOOsmart Nov 13, 1998 8:40 PM Flag

    ATTENTION to all the SHORTS

    ENMD is a stock waiting to explode, don't try to
    short it. Spreading fear and negative messages on this
    board are useless. I watched doctor and CEO Holaday on
    CNBC today and he was excellent. The interview was
    play again later in the day, so a lot of people had
    watched. ENMD got a lot of publicity now. I am sure many
    want to buy on Monday. This stock could worth hundred
    of dollars per shares. And imagine the SHORTS got
    squeezed. I am thinking ENMD will be the YAHOO of internet!

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    • This is the address of the NCI press

      What they said is:

      "Follow-up studies of
      endostatin have been under way for several months at NCI in
      collaboration with EntreMed, Inc., of Rockville, Md. Although
      the results of these investigations are still
      extremely preliminary, they show in some treatment groups
      that murine endostatin shows slight delays in the
      growth of a well-characterized lung tumor in laboratory
      mice, the same type of tumor and mouse used by
      Folkman's group. Others studies at EntreMed show delay in
      tumor growth using the human version of endostatin in
      mice. However, to date, NCI studies using either the
      mouse or human forms of endostatin have not produced
      the marked regression of these tumors in mice that
      Folkman's laboratory has reported. Scientists from NCI and
      Folkman's laboratory are working together to resolve the
      differences in their research results."

      Despite the
      caveats it is pretty worrying and is the main reason for
      the dampening of my previous enthusiasm about these
      agents. The NCI do not issue a press release of this sort
      without some basis.

    • >>>>If it is true that the NCI have
      only been working with endostatin for two months then
      you wouldn't expect much by now.<<<<
      >>>>>I find it hard to believe the NCI haven't been
      playing with endostatin for some time before the formal
      agreement with Entremed was reached.<<<<


      a press release Monday, EntreMed said its
      scientists will supply recombinant human Endostatin protein
      to the National Cancer Institute for specific
      preclinical pharmacology,toxicology and anticipated clinical

    • >>>I find it hard to believe the NCI
      haven't been playing with endostatin for some time before
      the formal agreement with Entremed was reached. Why
      else would they issue that press

      I don't understand what you mean. The NCI
      never released a press release concerning research
      findings or developments. The only press release I know of
      PERTAINED ONLY TO THE WSJ ARTICLE and how they will be
      continuing mouse studies. Now I can't even find a record of
      that release.

    • I went to the NCI web site to review their press
      release from 11/12/98 on ES. This is what I

      >>>>NCI Continues to Conduct Research on Endostatin and

      However when I went to read it, I found it no longer
      exists. Every other press release was present. No ES or
      AS release to be found. Kind of makes you say

    • Haney, I love it!!!

    • After 20 yrs of dictating everything, I admit my
      spelling has degraded! I never even typed until getting my
      first computer about 6 months ago. Now the girls in the
      office are so tired of me buzzing them to check
      spelling, they bought me a dictionary. [Since you're
      leaving, I had them check this message especially close
      and they say I spelled everything write!]

    • What a joke. First to focus comments on the
      irrelevancies of grammar and spelling. Second to actually have
      the nerve to take credit for the percieved
      improvement in the "style" of various contributions regarding
      spelling, grammar and structure. Finally however you show
      your colors by the citation from Zorro, it appears
      that all you really care about is form not function.
      That to you it is style over substance. Companies and
      products like theirs come from data. From scientists who
      work hard to understand the practical realities of our
      physical world. English professors need not apply.

    • You're not supposed to like me. You're supposed
      to feel impelled to improve your grammar, usage,
      spelling, and punctuation in the expression of your
      incessantly-teeming investment dialectic. And, as far as I can see,
      you've all done that to a very palpable degree -
      astoundingly, even you, MisterHaneyToo!

      To be sure, many
      of you still exhibit lapses, but the attainment of
      perfection in this case is not realistic. I am heartened by
      the improvement that I have seen on this message
      board, and will now be moving on to other vehicles of
      gentle linguistic correction and uplift.

      I wish
      to leave you all with this final thought: Actor
      George Hamilton once said in the movie, "Zorro, the Gay
      Blade", "It is not a sin to be poor, only to dress
      poorly." Likewise, I would say to you all, "It is not a
      sin to have bad investment ideas, only to express
      them badly!"

    • Thanks to Eye8MadCow for the information about
      how to listen to the conference call. I found it very
      helpful and somewhat reassuring. I don't believe Haliday
      would commit himself to saying that several papers were
      going to be presented at AACR that showed activity of
      endostatin if it were not true. He also said that several
      papers were in press demonstrating activity of
      angiostatin and endostatin in animal models. If it is true
      that the NCI have only been working with endostatin
      for two months then you wouldn't expect much by

      However, the old cynic in me doesn't believe it is so
      straight forward. I find it hard to believe the NCI
      haven't been playing with endostatin for some time before
      the formal agreement with Entremed was reached. Why
      else would they issue that press release. It is also
      interesting to note what Haliday did not say. He spoke about
      endostatin having biological activity. No where did he
      mention the complete eradication of mouse tumours that
      was the unique feature of Folkman's studies.

      Some of his comments about publication lag times was a
      bit glib and I cringed when he made the comment that
      the victims of the WSJ article were the patients and
      their families.

      I was reassured that there are
      going to be confirmatory publications, but remain
      reasonably convinced that these will be of the growth delay
      variety, which is very sad when compared to the original
      expectations I and many of my colleagues had. None of us
      believed this was the cure for cancer and of course
      expected things to work less well in man than in mice.
      Nevertheless we thought this was very special. I suspect there
      were more oncologist investors in Entremed than any
      other biotech company.

      So on balance I was
      encouraged by the conference call but have still
      substantially downgraded my expectations of Entremed compared
      to before the WSJ article.

      I will try and
      think of an alternative handle. Grumpy Old Doc feels
      right. After all it is a variation on what my wife calls
      me a lot of the time (I won't tell you the

    • Spoke to various key people at ENMD since the WSJ

      They say that the key to reproduce Folman's results is
      to use his
      mouse assays,(not used by NCI):his
      product(not used by competitor-Genentech):his
      protocol(sometimes not used by Olsen

      Importantly,they say that it will take a cocktail of
      drugs to control the myriad types of cancer.They see
      human ES,AS,Thalimomide and other Ang.drugs being given
      in different doses(to be determined by human
      trials)and in conjuction with other cancer treatments to
      finally get a grip on this scourge of

      ENMD may not have a magic bullet to cure cancer , but
      they are trying to develop a Brand Image of the
      leading Ang. Products
      ,so that when doctors think of
      using Ang. treatments(in conjuction with other
      treatments),doctor's first think of ENMD products.All this publicity
      helps ENMD in that regard.

      We have AIDS Drug
      Cocktails,Leukemia Drug Cocktails,why not Cancer Cocktails?(Some of
      the Biggest Drug Cos have gotten Filthy Rich by being
      part of the solution).

      Patient investors may
      have best chance of reaping the benefits of the ENMD

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