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  • pugnaciousandindignant pugnaciousandindignant Dec 10, 1999 10:43 AM Flag


    Allie - two initials for you "AP", come on it, it
    is all there for you. Good choice on moving over
    here from that awful pack of the ill informed on
    Silicon Investor. Tell me, has Anthony gotten out of jail
    yet? (You know I like you Allie, just funning
    around...oh yeah, remember that Arthritis connection with

    JohnDeere - Thanks. My roommate in college's dad was an
    implement(sp?) dealer, are you. We might need a bunch of
    tractors to haul a s-load of Endostatin to rural areas. As
    for your question, not good..she is super tired. We
    meet Monday and I am 'preparing' for that meeting.
    Even though the NURSE PRACTIONER probably won't look
    at her charts until five minutes before...hmmm..that
    is the way it is, they are SO busy.

    anyone, first question, who smells of panic? We need to
    unite against cancer and get pissed off, no one listens
    on Capitol Hill...

    Ftm - sorry to hear that,
    I understand the bills, but all my research points
    to staying as long as you can on EntreMed. Invest on
    the science, not some goofy rumor or manipulation by
    the Anthony Elgindys in the world.

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