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  • indexplus2001 indexplus2001 May 2, 2003 11:58 AM Flag

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    <<will fuckhead shorts ever ever learn??>>

    He laughs best who laughs last. How soon you forgot that the Nasdaq itself looks worse than a bell curve. It will come tumbling down.

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    • Its going to fall...fall..n'.fall.
      When this will fall, nobody will be able to hold it, not even the short covering. I'm short at all levels and will continue to short. I may not have mega millions, but this will now give me opportunity to cover up my 2000 and 2001 losses. Great opportunity....

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      • The best thing you can do right now is not short stock. Let the longs fight among themselves. I'm hoping their using lots of margin. Because when this tanks it will tank fast and I remember the old days the brokerage houses will sell you out fast if they feel their in jeopardy of losing their own money.

        I hope the longs are averaging up and I'm sure they feel comfortable saying they have stops. Guess what those stops will be worthless and I can relate from previous days. By the time your stop is exercised you could find yourself two or more points lower than were you set it. And you'll find you still have a margin call and will forced to sell more. Just as your doing this frenzy on the upside don't be surprised to see the same frenzy on the downside.

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