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  • fski82 fski82 Feb 17, 2011 12:33 PM Flag

    Wow...So Much Animosity Toward EXPE

    They have just been initiated at a Buy and have been reiterated at a Buy by another analyst....

    They have a low Price Target at 25.00 and a high at 33.00.....

    They have been praised for investing in technology and improvements that will benefit them long term.....

    There are NO analysts recommending a Sell or Underperform....most are hold and strong buy ratings.....

    So after all these pluses.....why hate on EXPE....I think just like every other stock that goes through what EXPE is going through....the shorts are coming in to try to drop this stock even more to buy up the shares and sell off when this goes up again....

    Makes sense since everyone has agreed this was oversold and is due to rise quick....

    Just saying....


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    • I would like to have just five minutes with one of the shorts in this stock . I guarantee that it will be the last stock he shorts.

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      • what? 5 minutes of what? my time? I am trying to help you.

        Im an investor just like you. I do my diligence. I read the news. I analyze the information. I review the quantitative and qualitative facts available.

        and by the way just because i predict the stock will drop doesnt mean I am short. technically my position is long on puts.

        this company is on a downward spiral. dont be sucked in by a bunch of greedy wall street fat cat analysts. be careful people.

    • Good points, but I think the market certainly favors Priceline (as evidenced by its market cap and YTD performance).

      As a consumer, the name your own price is a differentiating factor for Priceline (bettern than EXPE's Hotwire, in my opinion). While EXPE has a nice portfolio of assets, the actual Expedia website is nothing more than a glorified hotel/airline/rental car aggregator. Frankly, I'm more inclined to book directly through an airline site even after potentially using EXPE to determine the lowest cost flight/hotel.

    • If you just follow what analyst say you are surely headed for disaster.

      Unless they have inside information, which is illegal and they would not share if they did for obvious reasons...Analysts are just doing research like you should.

      It's not animosity that drives perception its facts.

      The fact is that airlines are trying to cut out the intermediary and Google is going to monopolize up whats left of the entire market. If expedia wasn't scared that google would monopolize the market than why on earth would they hire an anti-trust lawyer???

      Read the news articles dont just buy on ratings.

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