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  • northpolexmastrees northpolexmastrees Feb 21, 2011 11:27 AM Flag

    Wake Up. EXPE vs PCLN is meaningless

    what a broad and irrelevant comment.

    clearly you don't have a comprehensive understanding of the technology you assumed to be investing in.

    let me put it in laymen terms. Google big and powerful. Expedia small and vulnerable.

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    • do you look for sports scores on google or espn, do you look for home prices on zillow or google, do you look for yard sales on google or craigslist.

      Travel people look to tripadvisor first and pretty much only. Being big is googles problem. A well known specialized site will always beat them out, bottom line. Google is an unregulated monster when it comes to content, old information and unorganized. Google hotels hawaii and get articles from 2004 at the top of the page

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