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  • johnnycashout26 johnnycashout26 May 1, 2012 4:56 PM Flag

    Upgrades and downgrades mean something

    but they are FOS. They have never been a source of guidance for investors even though that is what the absolutely STUPID SEC woulkd have small investors believe by definition. The only meaning behind upgrades and downgrades is to manipulate collective investors so market makers can have their way and their price. The latest earnings blowout by EXPE and subsequent trashing is a classic example and crminal in nature IMO. I can't understand why our government by the people allows this crap to go on except that the politicians are worse than the con artist money managers. Eat me Wall Street.

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    • You are absolutely right about all those SOB Wall Street manipulators!! Wait for a few days, EXPE will be much higher!

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      • By manipulators you mean the pumpers? The gusy who love EXPE but have a price barely above $40?

        Even those that upgrade to HOLD (yes HOLD) didn't indicate large price appreciation. In fact the target price is well below $40.

        Stock was only inflated by a short squeeze and as that disipates, and it has, EXPE slids back to mid $30s.

        Any their growth was 12%, not 40%+, but 12%. Reason to celebrate? Yes, if you had it at $32 and can unload now. Expect a hifger stock price? Not a chance. Pigs get slaughtered.

        And now they have to buy obscure companies to find growth because the core business can't grow much. How many players do the same things as Expedia? Too many to count. Plus, to be fair I once user and once I am settled in my hotel I go direct as I do with my travelling with Delta. Going direct to the source is much eaaier and you build rapport with the vendor.

        EXPE had it's best days - and lucky to have them. From here it's ho-hum and a drop back to it's fair value.

    • I hear ya. I use analyst EPS and revenue estimates as a sanity check to see if I've overlooked something. Aside from that, it's best to ignore the recommendations. A 20% drop in price? That would put EXPE back where it was before earnings. So this quarter's good report meant nothing? Furthermore, fear of a 20% drop in price is far from a good reason to sell a great business. If I had a 100 bucks for every stock I've seen drop %20 only to go up %200 later, I'd be...oh well, no nevermind. :-)


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