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  • mayerbci mayerbci May 15, 2012 8:56 PM Flag


    So Einhorn bought 1 mill shares of EXPE in Q1. Probably bought around $32 and are up about 30%+ and $10 million in weeks. Pretty sure he'll have that position closed in Q2 if not already has.

    Some might say Einhorn bought in so it's bullish sign. But, in reality that meant bullish in Q1 and probably wouldn't buy now and would likely sell.

    Einhorn knows it's topped as does every analyst knows. The highest 1 year estimate it $43. THE HIGHEST. The average is about $38 and that's a 1 year target.

    There's absolutely no chance it has room to run up. Part of the reason I bought puts and am about even because the risk is so low that it has room to go higher. It might not tank as I still expect but I am quite sure it has zero upward room to grow.

    When it does reverse it will be severe. I'm surely rolling my puts into next month.

    Still give kudos to EXPE for hangiong in there.

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    • Nice call Skippy, NOT!

    • I am surprised why EXPE is taking so long to get to 50. It is coming soon and fast.

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      • I'm shocked that you think that. No analyst on the planet has a1 year target of $50. In, fact the high target is around $43. And many are in the mid $30s. Their top line goth was only 12%. Look at APPL. The top and bottom was a TRUE blowout and it spiked huge. Yet, tanalysts are talking $1000 but APPL tanked back all of its post earnings gains.

        The point is EXPE didn't grow 40,30, or even, 15%. So this is a slow growth company that was over rewarded at it's earnings announcement should have tanked. Probably short interest keeps it alive. It should have slid back like aapl, PCLN, ma,... But hasn't YET.

        $50? You emotionally attached and looking for confirmation that it's maxed out. I spent 25 years rooting for my positions and 9 times out of 10 my rooting for more turned my fast and easy gains into loses. Now I don't root I analysize and reevaluated and never turn easy profits on the table with one exception. If top line growth is monstrous and EXPE as 12% is not even close.

        $50 won't and can't happen. Maybe in years but that's up to the future and non of us let alone analyst can do that. $35 is quote possible. $50? Impossible.

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