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  • red_spiv red_spiv Jan 30, 2013 1:33 PM Flag

    New to CZinc

    Made an investment in this stock, and it looks more intriguing everyday. Though I wish I had picked up on it sooner before the last major run up. I must say that having the permits in place bode well. My only concerns are any further dilution via share issuance and the silver market as a whole. Time will tell on the silver market but at the moment it appears to be range bound and a headwind holding it back via central bank meddling. As for further share dilution, perhaps the longs here have more insight. With cash on hand, no debt and permits inplace what is the cost basis of production and or time frame to production? I hope I am not riding a McCoach high, so please, I want to hear from those with valid knowledge, not pumpers and dumpers.

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    • just buy it and forget about it. its range has been from 33 c to 1.50 in the last couple years. there will be weak hands who will be glad to sell over 2.00 believe me. for me this is stll another 3 - 4 yr hold and a double digit value stock.

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      • red_spiv --- you sound like a professional apologist for ethically challenged empty suited Canadian mining execs and the corrupt Canadian mining industry. I've given you more credible info than you deserve. Instead of me answering your naive silly a--ed questions, why not try getting off your own derriere and doing your own DD ???

      • Thanks to all who have responded. I intend to buy more on any move down from here. Thanks to RJ for his overtly negative feedback as well. This along with my Aurcana, Excellon and physical metals should serve me well when the printing presses go into warp speed. The banksters will not be able to control the price of viable miners, producing miners nor the spot prices. Though I do believe that the juniors who are not into or near the development stage will lag all unless it is truly a stellar find!

    • all the info about the Prairie Creek Zn-PB-Ag deposit was available back in the early 80's when the multimillion dollar mill was built by the Hunt Bros, to take advantage of the bull market in silver ---- the whole project was then "shelved" due to tanking and then rock bottom silver prices until 2003-2004 when the project was resurrected to fulfill all it's original promise by present managers. However present management has basically sat on its' hands all through the present PM bull and the project has just continued to gather more dust. The project just sits there in the NWT wilderness unchanged over the past 32 years+. Management has succeeded in arranging a treaty with the locals while diluting the bejeezus out of the stock while proving to everybody over and over and over every year that the Prairie Creek deposit remains what it has always been --- a world class Zn-Pb-Ag deposit in the middle of nowhere. Imho. present management remains a world class failure ---- it continues to blow through money while engaging in corporate cronyism and fraudulent stock inflation / dilution while producing NOTHING of value ---- the current bull market in silver is O-VAH ----- when and if CZICF ever sells any silver some 5 years+ out, it will be for less than $20 bucks per ounce ---- present management has screwed over CZICF permalongs royally over the past LOOONNNNGGGGG TEN YEARS !!!! ////// :o(

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      • rj: A few questions, You either sound disgruntled or a dumper, If and why do you hold shares? If not why, monitor this stock? I am confused. Your comment appears like so many others on various other message boards, a lot of disatisfaction with a management and dilution of shares. Well how else can one raise funds to move a mine from explor, to devel then prod. That is the nature of penny miners or any other startup in a different industry. Those are the risks we take as investors and speculation, hope drive markets. Many a fortune 500 company have gone the same route, but many of those start out with serious debts that saddle them to the point, that to stay in business they must dilute.

      • Please take your meds, then cover your shorts.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy