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  • paidbasher38291 paidbasher38291 Sep 6, 2011 9:42 PM Flag

    NAME CHANGE- Rerverse split- NEW BUSINESS?

    great post, some people are going to learn why there are such concepts as a "minority discount" when valuing private companies, which this essentially is at this point - note the corporate bylaws as well, which restrict anyone other than Calliope from being a 10%+ shareholder, regardless of the value intrinsic in this company, very little of it will be going to the current commons, also note that the reverse split does not affect non-issued stock, so the "kitty" available to give to the preferreds in exchange for their shares effectively increases, commons are in effect being diluted in this transaction.

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    • I'll ask you the same question because I have been concerned about Calliope attempting to take control of RAM but as I read the plan for Consolidation, no existing common shareholder will be diluted. Voting rights for any shareholder greater than 9.9% will be limited to 9.9%...but I doubt there are any that large anyway. As for using non-issued stock in exchange for pfds...Calliope will be diluted with the rest of us so Tynan should be pretty miserly in issuing new shares for the PFDs...what am I missing???