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  • smartandfoolish smartandfoolish Jun 25, 2003 4:34 PM Flag

    IIT vs. MIT Grads

    Anybody dare guess what is the average salary of IIT grads (working in the US) and MIT grads 10-15 years after graduation. That could be one metric to measure and compare the two institutions. I venture to say that an average MIT grad would be grossing say 150-250K's and the IIT grads would be in the 100-150K's.

    Another measure is the number of significant discoveries in engineering and sciences (not just the number of papers in established journals). Once again I think the MIT grads have a significant edge over their IIT counterparts.

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    • penis:

      Yes, there has been some hype about IITs. But the article you quote is also wrong on several counts. First, the 60 min piece was stressing
      mostly on how tough it is to get into IITs, as compared to any other school. That is true, regardless of what you may think of the IITs.
      Second, the author states that the IIT curriculam is run of the mill. Don't know what he means, but I can attest that the undergrad courses are rigorous, and as Khosla said, you're more than prepared for a grad curriculum when you land in the US. Third, the
      author points out that the faculty doesn't produce as many papers or text books. The IITs are definitely not leading edge research institutes. They are teaching schools and in that, they are pretty good.

      The fact remains that the IIT filter skims off the cream of the crop. Murthy's opinion should be looked at from the point of view of improvments, rather than a criticism of the student body.

      Nevertheless, agree that 60 min was too gushing.

    • Not just Motorola, the entire tech sector is in bad shape. Looks like you are new to investing.

    • Man you hit it right on the nose. They write nothing but spaghetti code. The only thing I'd like to add is that they add some curry in there to spice it up a little. That way when you have to start figuring out what the f&ck they did you get massive indigestion and diarrhea.

    • Your numbers do not apply to IIT grads in US at large..However, IIT, MBA (US) or IIT Phd from US are a different cup of tea...Those picked by over zealous US corporations from Campuses in India suck..The only thing they know is body shopping..Body shopping has killed the US Job Market, lead to the flight of venture capital offshore, American grads are wasting money in schools..American experienced worker is rotting on the street while Indian companies are sending their "sucking" brand to cut even deeper into the job market that exists..


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