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  • z1z92000 z1z92000 Apr 8, 2004 9:55 PM Flag

    Infosys hiring Americans

    I think that if any American software engineers or programmers do sign up with Infosys they'd be digging their own graves. My sentiments remain. Sending software development offshore is bad for our economy. Not only that, but you get what you pay for, my experience is that offshore software is low quality. It is brittle and lacks the innovation and creativity of American software engineering. The so-called cost savings is a fallicy as the news is beginning to show.

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    • Look buddy, I don't know what point you are trying to make by talking about violence and problems around the world. I am merely suggesting that below average Americans learn to live with less money, and they can look to the billions abroad who manage to do it. I am not saying they emulate the Rwandans or Serbs or Germans or whoever else in their murderous ways.
      And my motivations are purely capitalist. I intend to make money in legal ways, and the mantra of capitalism says you help others in the process. These "others" are not all Americans, they may be Indian or Chinese or European too. I don't really care, and I don't discriminate that way, they are all people too and have a right to good life the same as Americans.

    • Works for HP in Banglore doing customer support. Why is it these f&cking Indians can't do anything except what's on the script. In America they teach you to think outside the box. But for some reason desi's in India can't think for themselves. I had about 75 Indian Infosys desi's working for me 2 yrs back on an outsourcing project in Silicon Valley. I got so f&cking tired of having to tell them every f&cking thing to do it was so pathetic. Can't you f&cking chutias think for yourselves. That's why you don't see any innovation coming out of India. I challenge you chutias to come up with an original product. Until them you are just big American corporate lackeys being used for slave wages

    • Patty, for a while there you really had me fooled. I thought you were an American in the software business (wasn't sure if you were an engineer or a programmer or what), but now I've figured it out, you're not American - are you?????? Maybe you live in India and were given an American name to fool customers with! (BTW, great example of integrity). And you're right, nobody is forcing anyone to pay these executives huge salaries, it's the boards. Wait a minute! Who's on these boards?? Why, it's CEO's of other companies!!!! Hmmm, that's a great system, and it's perfectly fair! Like I said earlier, (if you are an American - but I don't think you are) it boils down to GREED - raw, simple and destructive to our great country. Any while were at it, lets look at people in other country's for good examples...If you lived Europe and the Serbians were committing genocide, you could just close your eyes and perhaps it'll go away. Or perhaps we could look at Indonesia and Pol Pot's great contributions to the world. The Rwandan's sure know how to treat each other. The Israeli's and Palestinians have some life lessons for us. The Indians and Pakistani's, blood brothers get along just great. The Germans have provided some wonderful examples over the years on how to deal with differences in our societies. Tell me Patty, which countries are you suggesting that we look to for guidance??????

    • If the executives are getting 25% raises, it's because they deserve it. They bring value to businesses. Nobody is forcing anybody to pay these executives top dollar. It's just a question of supply and demand. America is a land of managers and executives. Leave the brunt work to the Chinese and Indians, they are good at it. The sorry ass Americans who don't have the smarts to be executives should compete with Indians and Chinese. If they can't then they should just cut down on their lifestyle - move to a cheaper neighborhood, sell the second car, take the bus to work, stop pampering the kids, and live a modest life. It is possible, look at the people in other countries and learn.

    • "They have become lazy and decadent and forgotten the virtues of hard work. " - what crap! Year after year we keep hearing how Americans are the most productive workforce in the world. How can you equate that to lazy and decadent? Americans are absolutely not lazy and decadent. The problem is simple greed. The current crop of American executives is greedy. They give themselves 25% raises year after year while laying off thousands, sending work offshore and giving those that work for them 2.5% increases if they're lucky. I think the failures in the U.S. right now are the Jack Welch type executives who say to Hell with America (and what it stands for) as long as my companys stock price goes up and I get my options and a private plane. It's the "I got mine - screw you" generation thats hurting us. And you know what? I don't know many software folks who work 8 hour days on a regular basis. Especially the network crew. Most every software engineer or programmer that I have ever worked with works longs days (even longer when required), weekends and takes work home. Most Americans have suceeded from working hard. It is fraudulent and treacherous for American executives to give our advantages away for the sake of possibly getting a sale in that country (the practice of offsetting). And I keep saying it OVER and OVER again, if the Indians, the Chinese or Poles want to try and invent their own software and try to sell it on the American market, then that's the model that most Americans understood when we signed up for free trade - don't you get it????

    • I don't think so cowboy. And using foul language doesn't make your argument more credible. It's simple behavior psychology - ever heard of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
      Americans have become lazy asses since they have their basic needs satisfied. You stop working entirely and you still get to eat here. In China and India you starve to death. It is that fear that keeps them working.

    • you are full of crap. I work with many people who work weekends and 12 hour days. I even burned out some of those people myself (and yes, they were from both the US and India). We have worked our asses off. US net pay based on our quality and our long ours makes US workers cheaper than infomerde.<br><br>I know people who have gotten physically ill in the US from overwork. You are a f-cking assh-le. Go F-ck yourself.

    • Let me point out the bias in your arguments. If the U.S. succeeds, it is due to hard work, but if someone else does, it is somehow fraudulent, eh?
      Look, I am not disenchanted with the system like you are, I am fine with the way things are going, and NO, I am not ashamed of living here. We have a far better system than the Communist Chinese ot Socialist French. Our system rewards the best, even if they are foreigners, and punishes the substandard, and at present they happen to be Americans. I'd advise all mediocre Americans to stop complaining and pick themselves off the ground and look inwards. They have become lazy and decadent and forgotten the virtues of hard work. People don't want to work a minute over the mandated 8 hours a day. Look at the Chinese and Indian workers, they routinely put in 12 hours or more a day. And don't give me some bull about working smarter and not harder, because the Indians are doing both. ou want to beat them then you got to emulate them first. If you are unwilling to do that, accept the lower wage or unemployment situation and stop whining.

    • oh and all the companies that are moving to india are stupid?

      get another job moron. where were u posting when manufacuring jobs were going offshore? i am happy code monkey jobs are going to india. i know html i want 100k thank you. you programmers are blood sucking cokaroaches

    • This company should be put out of business. The quality of their engineers sucks.

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