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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Dec 25, 2007 3:47 PM Flag

    why co-liersys will trade down big time

    If you need a reality check from all co-liers lies about
    tech shortage and an unlimited supply of cheap co-liers then
    read : to get the
    real story. There's real good chance that Eddie wins IA and
    the unions will be pushing him to end h1 visa. Last spring's defeat of the illegal alien bill was the start of a massive move against open boarders. Once the h visa fraud becomes more known in a recession no less the public will demand deportation of all the wage lowering co-liers.

    co-lier soucers have seen financial dis-service firms already send back co-liers over sub prime, once the housing meltdown really happens the dollar will tank and co-lier's land will be force to keep the currency up to pay for ever expensive arab price goughers' oil.

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    • Placing restrictions on corporate hiring is contrary to the ideal of free enterprise on which the USA was founded.

      It is unamerican; and will not gain mainstream support.


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      • Gee hiring and giving a pass to illegal aliens caused so many calls to Congress to protests not once but twice the phone system crashed and Mccain went to single digit support numbers. No there's tons of support for ending the h visa from displaced NO residents that can't return as co-liers are taking jobs to tech workers to let ms see most of the most of the public.

        Unlike the 3rd world where some corrupt co-lier gets to dump pollution on the masses (of course demanding Union Carbide's Anderson's extridication to co-liers land) such <<logic>> last used in the gilded age has been replaced by the concept of public policy that puts limits on business for the public good. see this is another reason why thw co-liers must go
        as the public doesn't what to live in corrupt stink hole like co-liers' land.

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