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  • investorsam investorsam Feb 25, 2008 11:22 AM Flag

    Indians fastest growing of illegal immigrants

    Indians are hard working and determined to work with or without visa...

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    • I can give you one plausible reason to support "shortinfygetrich" with your tax dollars: A public asylum would remove "shortinfygetrich" from the streets. Bigotry is a disguise for insanity.

    • Demagoguery at its best.
      Torture the number enough and they will confess to anything you want.
      Based on the numbers, he has evidence of 500/year - rest is just conjecture. What fraction of the Indians are 'in-process' state. I would say nearly all the once that he is counting as illegal. Just because our INS is slow we should not blame Indians. I personally know over 30 Indians working for different companies - not a single one is illegal. In fact, I have seen them come and go back as the VISA dictates without trying to bend any rules. As a group, they are much more law abiding (even driving limits) compared to the rest of us.
      Stop throwing the baby out with the ...

    • The article can be best summarised with comment on the same article. Here i reproduce it

      Dear Mike Swift, Shame on you, you should go to your nearest church and confess as you have sinned to create a sensation from nothing by writing the siliest piece of news. "Indians fastest growing of illegal immigrants" Hah! "The U.S. Department of Homeland Security estimates that there are 270,000 unauthorized Indian natives in the United States -- a jump of 125% since 2000" which means that (270 000 - 216 000) / 7 = 7714 illegal Indians added to the United States every year, which is 7714 /30139 947=0.0002559 of the US population. We all kniow that the percentages are high only when the numbers are low, so if there was 1 illegal indian in 2000, another two by 2008 would make a 200 percent hike in illegal immigrants. So this does not turn a stereotype on its head as you claim, it only shows that you have a skewed perspective.

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