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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Apr 4, 2008 11:10 AM Flag

    Congress ready to go after colier soucers

    I know your elephant statues are mad because I report the
    truth, and being coliers you have to lie to cover up the
    truth but here's a Senator (that trumps your 2 paid off
    congress people) demanding h1b reforms.

    Notice the request for money to look into wage levels, once
    they start finding all the visa fraud these colier sourcers
    have committed and the fines ($50K per colier) well you're
    going to be lucky get $1 for your coliesys shares.

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    • you can;t deport cititzens but just wait for the hearnings and watch the coliers disappear,

      If you coliers think everyone likes
      You well how about withdrawing the troops out of kashmir and see
      If they vote to become coliers.

    • Learn english or we will deport you out of the US shorty ..

    • just the gutter level of these flithy smelly curries should exclude them from visas but when try to blow up
      Airports like last summers's attempt by the bangalore bomber just makes the case for excluding all south asians.

      Oh well the coliersys earnings miss and lower guidance is only a few days away, as is the prints in the 20's.

    • You are nothing short of a MF. Is your M still available?. There are lots of slots in NY for her. And they like Gowda's like your M.

    • thats cuase your smealler has burnt out on being around so many filthy deseasd smelly curries
      You can;t recon irish spring when you smell it oh wait my bad no soap in coliers'land.

      keep telling yourself nothing is going to happen or reread Grass;y's comment thaT "these visa where never intended for these purposes[colier sourcering). You might want to hide your elephant statue, while you reread it so he doesn't get mad anyway the evil
      Empire has it in to replace themselves over the colier soucers
      In who gets colier visas. durbin will hold visa fraud investigations
      And when they do coliersys will be
      In the low teens.

      Hey tom is headed for greatness
      He or duncan hunter would be a great vp foe mccript.

    • So what exactly is your problem?. You seem to be very much against H1b visas or companies like INFY. Infosys will make money whether they get more H1b visas or not. So, will all the other Indian companies.

      I am keen to know why you have your knickers in a twist. Di your wife squeeze your balls into dates because you are unable to rise to the occasion like Indian companies do?. Go get a life instead of spewing your crap. The Senators know what they want to do. This is nothing new to Grassley and Durban just like they know what has been happening with the Mexican issue for decades. Has anything changed?. Nothing. Will anything change? Nothing will. Were Grassley and Durban Senators before? You bet.

      So what's all the noise about.

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      • Exact problem...about 2M stinking dirty
        no talent inexperienced obnoxious racist
        west hate coliers stealing jobs they can't do with out large amounts of developed world staff help, driving down wages hurting the western economy and turning crap for quality and massive theft of western IP not to mention to work w. vast majority are lying gut less wonders that are holding back tech.

        no action going to happen really...

        ccording to the National Journal's Congress Daily AM, Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin and House Judiciary ranking member Lamar Smith both are considering limiting the H1B visa use to U.S. companies. "Eight of the top 10 companies seeking H-1B visas in the last round were foreign companies," Durbin said Tuesday. "The foreign companies, by and large, have taken control of the H-1B process. For example, the largest Indian companies are getting thousands of H-1B visas. They then, for a fee, will place engineers from India in American jobs for three years or six years and then, for another fee, place them back in India to compete with American companies. Trust me, that is not what we have in mind with H-1B visas."

        Can you say game up? Most of coliersys' profits come from dumping under mkt inexperienced smelly no talent coliers
        that need to be trained by developed world staff, so no visas = next to no profits.

        coliers, get a clue the natives are very
        angry the smart among you will leave now.

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