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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich May 26, 2008 2:48 PM Flag

    less experienced the colier = dumb colier

    While most developed world techs play the game of dumb and dumber colier, I've noticed that the less experienced the
    colier has, the more likely the colier is to be dumb as dirt.
    Also the younger generation coliers, unlike their peers in
    say Russia or China are much less experienced yet are dillutional about their abilities and very defensive when
    called on their lack of ability. Not mention the peers are
    more positive about Western culture(e.g. when you reference
    western books or pop culture they know what you're talking
    about). I guess this comes with hiring a bunch of backward
    beggers out of mud huts that idols, and blame their problems
    on the west instead of having the guts to have modernize

    Coliersys has a program to promote 10K young (read very dumb and difficult to deal with) coliers. Can you see why I'm
    a delighted short? Oh well back to the re-arch document to
    fix the thousands of things this very smeelly stupid tied the
    turbine to thighly must have cut off the blood flow to the
    brain colier screwed up.

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    • Yeah, you headless chicken, you've been pimping around for too long now and you've changed nothing. In fact, if you can write a few sentences of proper English, it would be an accomplishment to your family. But then again, how can you?. You are like a poor pimp frustrated with life over the fact that foreigners are over taking your skills and capabilities.

      Oh!, did you know that Indian Americans have taken the Spelling Bee Championship 5 times in the last 9 years?. How could you know?. You can't Bee and your diction is so poor, you wouldn't know what a newspaper is. Anyway, ask mummy to bring back the feeding bottle for the poor frustrated chicken. And remember, we like Tandoori. Just make sure that you don't get roasted!!

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