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  • eddieguer eddieguer Mar 1, 2009 5:42 PM Flag

    Stop indian companies from trading in US. << NOW >>>


    Shut up and crawl back into your hole. Your white brothers in the GOP and in Corporate America completely betrayed you by sending your job overseas, we are seeing at least two scandals a week in Corporate America and Wall Street, the auto industry is begging like some inner city bum to the taxpayers because they completely made stupid decisions and YOU ARE FOCUSED ON SATYAM? The purest white country in the world, Iceland, is totally broke because of their own stupidity and you are talking about Satyam as if you are some kind of judge and jury.

    Clean up your own house before you cast stones on Indian companies.

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    • the ceo of s&p that rated all these toxic loans cds etc was a colier.

      The phoney trading system pushed
      By coliers' land caused a massive build of reserves that fueled subprime leading. Sending millions of filthy smelly racist coliers that drive down
      Wages created unemployment created the recession.

      no coliers' land and it's lies

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