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  • eddieguer eddieguer May 31, 2009 10:10 AM Flag

    great ctv series on co-liers' land


    If your people didn't get the bailout, you would be living in WORSE conditions that the third world! BE HAPPY. Because you and your kind could not compete in a free-market system, SO your black president (a great man) outlawed the H1B program. Now if you can't even find a job now with this incredible affirmative action program that you're benefiting from...then you are truly sad. It's obvious you don't have a job. If you do, I'm surprised your company hasn't fired you for excessive web usage.

    You got your affirmative action, now SHUT UP BOY!

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    • gee is my & the Canadian TV's truth
      Telliing getting your ass in trouble with your talking elephant statue.

      Frist a few things:
      1) you're a backward filthy smelly
      Dumb ass west hating colier
      That has no right ever to tell
      A westerner to do anything. We
      Tell you backward bastards jump
      And how high.

      2) like all of you stinking smellies
      You have your facts all wrong.
      O;bomber watered down Grassely's
      Bill that would have 86'd all coliers
      Woking at tarp babies. had o'bomber
      Not stopped this reasonable request
      Say would never survived and
      coliersys would be in single didgits
      As their bigest clients are tarp babies.
      So hiring colier = failure
      And tax payor bailout of coliers' land.

      2) but don't worry the unions will
      Pressure congress to end the
      Guest visas and those on them immediately. My email box over flows
      With request for facts on how you have been under cut by smellies.
      once the visa fraud investigations
      Start this yr these firms will be
      Fined outof biz.

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