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  • eddieguer eddieguer May 31, 2009 9:06 PM Flag

    What Should Indians Down Under Do?

    More from the "religion of love".

    Maybe Indians should start carrying. I mean it seems the aryan christist cops aren't too interested. From what I hear, the high caste aryan christists have gone berserk and are attacking Indians and Pakistanis left and right. Pakistani women are getting their veils ripped off their heads. The men are being beaten and one guy is apparently on life support.

    Actually the best thing is to ban australia from playing cricket in India, STOP sending students to australia since it's clearly not safe for us there, and ALL Indian and Pakistani people should boycott Australian products. This adds up to about $5 billion.

    This should put at least 100 thousand australians out of work.

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    • What the heck has triggered all this?

      Well together and move together. Ensure that there is at least one or two OZ with you any time you are walking around.

      Allah unhe sharam de.

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      • let me answer your questions.
        1. Go back to your mud hut the world
        Neither needs nor wants you.

        2, The world hates coliers you're the most disagreeable peps on the planet
        With your stink, nasty racist attitudes,
        And trying to push your failed gutter
        Corrupt facist culture on the world.

        You need to be contained in your stink hole of a nation killing each other off

        it's coliers' land that needs to be barred from the games for it's racist caste system, crushing of human rghts in kashmir, and global eco warfare.

        Australia is, a unlike coliers' land, a very nice place.The peps don't want the coliers stinking up and wrecking something good.

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