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  • eddieguer eddieguer Oct 3, 2009 11:32 AM Flag


    Shortie wants to spread mayhem in all western countries and its allies through his keema WMD. You see, Shortie hides all evidence in his big mulla beard. Shortie has several delivery methods:

    1. All the lice and dandruff in Shortie's big beard will unleash a plague on all Westerners and allies.

    2. Shortie makes pungent mixture of keema with garlic, mashed maggots from corpses of talibanis and he is taking lots of secret spices. He mixture this mash and eat it. then he goes to software companies and he say, "ALLAHU AKHBAR. THIS SOFTWARE COMPANY IS PAKISTANI TERRITORY!!!" Then he turn all red and he let loose HUGE gaseous matter from his big wart ridden ass and all Indians have to evacuate building. "NOW THIS IS PAKISTANI TERRITORY!!

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    • 1. Gee unlike the filthy smell
      deseased coliers that made
      grama sick for months with thier
      strange tropical illnesses, I'm

      2. I can still remember having to
      barf at the bad smell of what
      ever the colier was heating up
      for lunch. Strap them down and
      feed them burgers until they

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