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  • hhora15 hhora15 Sep 14, 2010 3:23 AM Flag

    My Employment At INFOSYS

    My name is Paul Eklund and at the beginning at 2009 I got a job in Czech Republic, Brno. To work for a corporation called INFOSYS. I was supposed to work as a Customer Service Representative for the American Client and Insurance Firm CHUBB.

    Before I began my work I was sent on two business trips one in Denmark & one in Sweden. It was when I got back to Czech Republic for my work that the terror started against me at INFOSYS. I was placed next to two women one called Adela and one called Marie. The first thing Marie said when I started my job was that she started to refer to me as a ''homosexual''. But I paid no attention to it and I tried to focus on my work. As the weeks went on stranger and stranger things started to happen. Colleagues would come over and show images and ask question almost as if it was an IQ test (It was). I was for example showed an image with three faces one time by the boyfriend of Adela that also worked in Infosys. With people having their hair combed in a certain
    way. And I was asked who was the German in the picture? The one with the hair combed in the wrong direction.

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    • 1. lou dobbs did for years
      2. until the racist smellies forced him out
      3. but fox biz news has given him a new home
      4. where his rating are > Coliers' Nonsense News
      as peps don't give a rat's back side what fried zuchini has to say
      5. the lame stream media is told to push the phoney trading system and coliers' land propaganda
      24 x 7

      Screw what happened in bombay we are attacked by
      coliers' land 24 x 7, and it's time to stand up
      against this enemy.

    • How much were you making?

    • Why have the major business news agencies NOT reported this 'monstrous injustice' against its employees?

      And the answer is:

      These posts are ONLY made by brain-dead fakis who only have one job to do almost always on a full-time basis-that is DESTROY anything that is not connected to them!

      In other words-PLAIN JEALOUSY as the whole world now realizes.

      Recent news said they had planned Mumbai-style attacks in UK, France and Germany??

      Anyway, SHALOM to all Infy investors and may we all prosper!!!!

    • Hey bsa1972brd thanks for posting here and prooving what I experience in real life on bus stops and in subway stations. People who follow me around and keep talking like that and saying stuff ilke that. I have also been contacted by someone who says that there are groups of people who keep me unemployed on purpose by calling everyone I seek a job at and telling them stuff about me. I have evidence though. I feel bad for you the day I go out with it all.

    • I am not just going to tell my story about the crimes commited against me I am going to go out with all the evidence also.

    • I am from Sweden not Pakistan. And I think that some people will very soon see that they went to far for too long and its going to be their own death.

      Shabbat Shalom Ya Ben Zona!

    • He starts as Paul EKlund and then reverts back to his madrassa inglese. Man, that guy is just pathetic-he's going to short INFY to 0, uh?

      That's a common thread of all the fakis who post here.

      With no money in the pocket and standing in line for US Aid, only fakis can talk like this!

      Their jealousy comes out like hot air as in the movie, "gaand in the wind"

      Anyway, SHALOM to all infy shareholders and may we all become rich!!

    • Your real name is Paul EKlund but you don't have any lund. You are in No mans land between two countries. Not a man not a women.

    • Hey F**king HHora,
      You have no idea about indian corporate so keep your mouth shut. You are the one who created problem so suffer now. Stop posting your personal problem here.

    • Classic Organised Stalking, google search it, getting more common. Different levels but you definately experienced one of the levels.

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      • I don't know who is behind all of this but I have for two years collected evidence of their terror against me in the form of images, videos and audio recordings. I will admit I have written and said controversial things about such topics such as economics, central banking & politics. But never in my wildest imagination would I ever think that a private person saying controversial things in blogs could lead to this?

        At this point I am beginning to suspect that actual intelligence agencies must be behind some of this stuff. I mean the terror I experience online and in real life is severe but I cannot say anything to anyone because people will think I am nuts if I told them some of the things I have experienced.

        I want to find out who has done this and I want them brought to justice. They have ruined my life completely with their 'activity' and I want them to repay me for everything I lost due to their 'activity'. If justice is not created then I will create the justice myself by flooding youtube and blogs with all the evidence I have. This must stop now.

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