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  • who_gets_fried who_gets_fried Aug 24, 2011 11:37 AM Flag

    Murthy and Anti-Corruption and his disservice

    Can somebody please ask this guy to shut up,..please!!! He was on TV airing his 2 cents implying how Anna is wrong. As if Murthy doesn't get why Anna is hell bent this time!!

    Of course, he understands it all and has vested interests in the corrupt practices to continue.
    It is pathetic how these guys think they are qualified to comment on these matters as they are is such a sad state that these guys shamelessly keep dishing out their non-sense and the rest keep holding buckets to grab on to it...just go away with your money and fame Murthy, don't damage the noble cause if you can't help it...

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    • This anti corruption movement is a western concept being imposed on these Vedic people. These people trade exactly like a stock exchange; they make offers and couter offers. It is a very ancient practice which thay use even when it comes to marriage. The Brides people make an offer and the Groom demands a higher amount and so it goes on right to the wedding day I was told.

      In the case of these auctions these Vedic people do the same but instaed of waiting for the market to open they jump the gun which is very common. Look at a Bus que in India, every one lines up but all hell breaksloose when the Bus arrives. It happens every day and no one has been able to end that.Thats part of the local DNA.

      So in the case of wirless auctions, the priveleged send a few Milllion Dollars in advance to the auctioneer, the bids are then strangled and the spectrum sold off to deserving clients. It is a fast and civil way where every one wins except the Country but who really cares about that.

      My suggestion is that we should encourage them to broker all the deals they want by any means provided the Wireless network is up and running. The motto in new India is "Rich by any means but no means test."

    • Public Service & Corporate Interest are not one & same

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      • Exactly my point. So what if he was successful in corporate way can he claim a position of expertise or qualification to dish out some non-sense

      • well in the case of coliersys and the land of the long low hanging stink they are the same. As they seek to spread their corrupt gutter culture, so they can conduct their economic warfare against the west, by sending millions of filthy smelly no talent nor experience coliers to take the jobs of developed world workers.

        It's clear that they are enemies of
        good and freedom, and the western world in general. All these failed development plans benefit a few top corrupt caste members. We need a boycott of them like the South African boycott in 80's.

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