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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Jul 30, 2012 12:37 PM Flag

    power out for 300M

    coliars land decreped infrastructure was once again highlighted by this weekends power outage in the capital where 300M left without power and therefore no AC can you just imagine the stink?

    also brings that despite over a decade of robbing the west little has found its way into infrastructure improvement, unlike in communist crapia, just goes to show the effects of having a corrupt caste gutter culture.

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    • too much dope from the NWFP mountains, uh?
      dang, u forgot about the 2 big thieves, Mushy and Zard who took millions of our US dollars and ran-Mushy living like an aristocrat in London and kissing Brit behind. And Zard playing 'lavda lavda' with the generals so they don't shoot him??

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      • yes the flithy smellies did too much dope and with no western experts cause they believed the lie that having that dot on head made they an expert when theyre incompetents that let demand fir electricty run wild taking the grid with it.

        of course the real reason is that the chief towel head didnt tax coliar earnings until recently. so money that should have gone to improve inferstructure went to corrupt top caste members llike rat tata hat waged an economic war gains western workets. kids this is why we need coliar containment to prevent the spread of of their racist corrupt caste gutter culture.

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