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  • threewisewomen48084 threewisewomen48084 Dec 9, 2012 7:32 PM Flag

    This one is for shorty!

    You just described "white on white" crime. LOL. You bring up a very interesting point. I am Indian and I work for an IT consulting company. We sell a lot of offshore projects. I have had the same experience. Many Indians who have companies in the USA go out of their way to show they are creating jobs even if it means making a little less profit. The white businessmen have no such restraint. Even if they slash jobs and move them to India, the people focus their rage and vitriol on Indians. It's amazing. Last year one white chairman slashed 1000 jobs and even took away benefits for widows. The workers didn't bat an eye--- no anger, nothing. All the rage was focused on the Indian workers. In a way this is actually better if they focus the rage on us. My preference. In some cases I have seen outsourcing projects fail and the white execs still don't have to face any wrath. They just try outsourcing again! No way a black or Asian could get away with this. They would be lynched. I agree entirely with you. I also contribute a lot of money to GOP candidates. They definitely don't like us, but it really makes no difference. We should still help them.

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