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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Sep 5, 2013 2:00 AM Flag

    Chief towl_head faces tough choice bff iran risk western sanctions or raise fuel prices


    Seems coliars that love to say how westerns should just accept 50% wage cuts as part of capitalism,
    yet back in the land of the low long hanging stink pols are sacred to end fuel subsidies. Chief_towel
    has been trying to put off the day of reconing by chumping up with iran but those waivers come with
    restrictions the call of lower iran oil buys. With the coliar currency in free fall before qe tapering starts
    as the ponzie scheme of a development plan (spread propaganda that unlimited supply of English speaking
    coliars work dirty cheap so get in before they take your job, give must of the money to corrupt top caste members throw a few crumbs to the untouchables, get next greedy immoral clueless sucker investor repeat)
    is exposed as fraud that made Madoff was a picker.

    But now the oil bill is up 50% before the 1st tommahawk missle is fired and the oil diet starts and with lil forex
    in the bank capitalism would say time to end the subsidies and cause the drop in oil demand. But that would
    just deliver those 1B+ beggars to the maoist insurgency that will have no problem kill the corrupt top caste
    members and spreading the wealth (all $10/dot/towel_head). Better to risk western sanctions, cry poor mouth
    charge up the race card throw in some white man's burden and keep pumping up iran.

    So let's we help them out send all the coliars home back to their dun heated mud huts. Now deprived of dollars
    no money for oil but hello it's dune heated. Next up put a million day per MB user fee to connect to
    stinky land, more coliars go back to their mud huts and no jammed up commutes to bom(ed)bay or bang some
    whore. Just have them spin cloth now that's sustainable development plan. Problem solved.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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