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  • johnholmesxyz johnholmesxyz Sep 28, 2013 6:06 PM Flag


    short one,
    Last week I was in Miami visiting an old friend - he is an EVP at a major financial institution, he's white, and extremely wealthy beyond the comprehension of your small deformed pinhead brain. Despite the affirmative action showered on you by your kaala half-caste president, outsourcing is stronger than ever. In fact the phone is ringing off the hook. I mean that. There has been NO effect of any legislation despite Obama's socialist tirades. My suggestion is to take the $700 billion and other multi-trillion dollar bailouts showered upon you and upon your white race and please don't spend it all in one place. Be happy you all got a bailout. Indians don't get bailouts. We have to suffer the consequences of an ineffective government. If we make the wrong bet we lose our shirts. God loves the white race more than He loves Indians. He hates us. So to express our anger to the Lord we have to work harder than you do.

    In September 2008 society paid their dues to preserve white power and the taxpayer has deferred to the christist caste system which places the sons of Abel at the top and the sons of Cain at the bottom. Accept this modest gift of the taxpayer in a gracious manner and stop complaining about outsourcing.

    If you really wish to prove your ideas, then start a software company and you have every right NOT to hire any Indians. You don't even have to state it. Just do it quietly. It's extremely easy to discriminate if you do it with a smile. Don't hire any Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis and according to your theory you should make the most money. Since you probably don't have the brains to do this, then masturbate a little more and eat more banana cream pie, and you might actually be more tolerable to others. If you're posting on a Friday night you're definitely not getting any sex. You might want to buy a doll. Even a loser like you can get a lap dance for a meager amount of cash.

    Wishing you luck in your future Indian-free business ventures...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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