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  • eddieguer eddieguer Dec 3, 2013 9:20 AM Flag



    Cognizant is hiring 10,000 onshore IT professionals as part of a massive affirmative action program aimed at appeasing white IT professionals. Will you be applying for one of these positions? Oops…sorry. There are minimum IQ and experience requirements. Also, you can't be a felon or child molester, so it looks like you are disqualified.

    I feel bad that Cognizant has to appease white IT professionals who don't want competition or free markets. You see, when whites are judging blacks, whites will say that IQ is most important and personality is secondary. When whites are evaluating or judging Asians, then personality is the most important factor because IQ and academics are "secondary". Gee I wonder why this would be the case??? Hmmmmm. When whites are judging Asians who have BOTH IQ and personality, then get very confused. In these cases it is left to "discretion".

    Shortie - you are very lucky that your kaala ni99er President needs your votes and wants to earn white peoples' love. If Romney had won the election, all this appeasement would not have been necessary. A white President doesn't have to earn white people's love. I still can't believe that a 70% white country could not get a white person elected. I am Indian and I wanted this so badly. I pray in the next election that the US elects a white republican President.

    t have zero respect for your half-caste President because he is helping the race that hates and persecutes his race the most.

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    • I guess they woke up and realized that filthy smelly no talent nor experience backward idol worshiping tech retarding hindish speaking west hating obl loving colairs can't cut it and they need experienced and talented dev world staff to get the really big projects. This whole think has been another smelly snicker
      as everyone knows the work was coliar sourced and as per usual the developed world staff had work their butts off to fix and clean up the mess the lying smellies made. Notice none of the coliar sourcing firms were called in to fix the site so much of the have dot/towel on head therefore expert propaganda.

      We'll being a smelly and wouldn't supprize me that you beat and rape your napali slave girl often (like I;m watching
      12 yrs a slave and thinking this the existance of millions of slaves in the land of the long low hanging stink well ex the soap and working hard part) no unlike most smellies I;m not into child abuse. I'm sure I could get a deal with
      coliarzant but really how in their right mind wants to work for a smelly?

      #ifdef smelllikeaturd
      yeah a great but cold day here in swat. We caught a smelly trying to sell stuff in an Afgan souk so we beat the hell out of it and will l bbq it and serve it up to the lambs.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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