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  • johnholmesxyz johnholmesxyz Feb 15, 2014 6:38 PM Flag



    You provided us with a few minutes of laughter from our busy schedules. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I love the raw white tribal rage, but we thought you held back too much.

    I am disappointed that you didn't invoke skin color in your tirade. You really need to reach inside yourself and try harder.

    Thank you though. Good stuff. Keep it coming!

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    • Hey Rajget er John

      Pardon my manors, I forget to ask which caste are you're from. I got a bet on that you're from one nearer the bottom(hey that's not a bad thing in the developed world, cause those top caste animals are nasty) and just came here to steal your fortune, export stinky land's poverty. If you tried that back in stinky land the top corrupt caste mbrs would have told the crooked cops to off you slum dog style like some bugs you guys say you wouldn't hurt.

      And yes we were very productive b4 the arrival of the PC police and the other neo facist er liberals, that brought you here. Yeah we would be working away telling yokes having a good old time. Now you have to take this course and that course as some lawyer will try to make a fast buck cause you said an off color joke that afended some mbr of a liberal pressure group. When I tell young peps in the developed world how you're salary kept going up, everyone was having a good time, you could have a drink at lunch, etc they want that more then the you'll be the only developed world staffer the rest are filthy smelly no talent nor experience hindish speaking backward idol worshiping tech retarding obl loving west hating coliars. They're starting to vote and from what I've seen they want the smellies out of here.

      So here's a radical idea for you embrace western culture you'll like it. Like have lunch at a steak house and
      a beer with the other developed world staff, well saying how we need to go to the current version of something.
      Ask for their input how we can show an ROI on using some new expensive tech, and say you're thinking of
      near shoring the work do you know any good techies that we can get. At 1st they might think they're being
      punked, so you'll have to repeat this, along with wash regularly. But they will come around and you'll be surprized how much things improve.

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    • You're welcome. Now how about returning the fav and getting a dozen or more of coliarsys's filthy smelly no talent nor experience backward idol worshiping tech retarding obl loving west hating curry colored creeps in a van to go back to your mud huts. There will be extra rice once the maoist win the election., raid the interests of those dumb and immoral to invest in the enemy and only the communist party officials to bribe.

      The smart crowd leaves before the majority throws out the bribed pols like Zoey L, and restores immirgration
      to what it was in the 30's and it didn't help being assian. We're going to have to drop all you coliars over
      swat from c130's to say on fuel costs. If you think I'm hard on you try what the taliban will do Plus think about how long you will have to walk back to your mud hut, w/o any money was the majority will freeze all your assets as we know most of you lied on your visa app and that your whole was was like drug dealing an
      illegal activity that allows the gov't to sieze it and give it to well Americans that will get paid to detox you'r former house paint the fence white like the peps inside.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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