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  • ak1ak2ak3ak4 ak1ak2ak3ak4 Jul 19, 1999 1:13 PM Flag

    Hold on to Infosys for long term

    If you invested 300 dollars US in Infosys in 1993
    you would have 75000 dollars today. This stock is for
    the long term. Because it is a technology stock, it
    will have huge fluctuations. But I was recently
    visiting in Bangalore, and this company is great. One of
    the most common mistakes people make is that they
    sell when the price is down, or sell on impulse, or
    they often buy when the stock is too high. However
    Long term, long term investors will have a higher
    return than day traders. If you follow 2 simple rules
    diversify and don't overtrade. This is what's called the
    Capital Market Effeciency Theory, and there have been
    many studies on this theory and almost all support
    this theory. What does this theory mean? it means that
    long term professional investors will probably get you
    the same return as a novice, if you follow those two
    rules. One other thing, when people choose a stock and
    it goes way up, they give themselve credit, but when
    people choose a stock and it goes way down, they are
    more likely to blaim it on something else such as an
    external factor.

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