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  • always_a_bull always_a_bull Sep 20, 1999 10:11 AM Flag

    $$ Volumes thru the sky ....

    32,000 share by 10.00 AM & growing !!

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    • You missed the point again on the tulip stuff. Good luck anyways in whatever you do.

    • inspite of all these insane hypes about stock
      going up in stratosphere just

      INFY will find its appropriate valuation , build base
      around it and then move up in a long run. Near term-- it
      is headed down.

      After earnings, it will go to
      100 or below....

    • valuation, wrong about shorting. By your own
      admission you say INFy is overvalued. But you say it has
      momentum. So go and see other stocks trhat had momentum.
      and what happened to them when the momentum turned
      the other way.
      Oh yes, so you are not long because
      it is overvalued. You are not short because you are
      afraid of momentum.
      I am short because I think that
      when the market makers are done with the retail
      investors, the tide is going to turn and then we shall see.
      In the meantime, let the longs gloat in their
      By the way, about the tulip longs, the smart ones
      who got out before the rush to the exit began made
      money. But what about the greater fools who still held
      So when do you longs plan to exit or are you going
      to hold the tulip when the tide turns????

    • Here is the story one more time-
      U are right
      about valuation. U are wrong about shorting.

      There is more to shorting than doing some simple math
      that says
      well the market cap of this stock is x
      billion and it is definitely not worth that much let me
      short it. Shorting is really only for Pros or insiders
      who know of bad news. Also never ever short going
      into earnings of a stock. Dumb Dumb stuff.

      more thing - I can bet that all reasonably smart longs
      made way more money than the smartest short on tulips.
      Shorting is a rare thing to employ on a high float stock
      where fundamentals have changed.

    • Listen, let me know tell you about this
      analyst--they do not their ass from theit head--not that they
      are very different. The sell side analysts are the
      worst scums in this planet. Hey the traders do not
      pretend to be intellectual, but these analysts have this
      air of intellectualism and all-knopwing attitude but
      vare totally useless. I can give you countless
      examples when the analysts upgrade after the stock had its
      run-up. See this is how it works---
      The analysts' firm
      and their most favored clients will buy the stock in
      good amounts and then after they are done buying, and
      the stock had its run up because of this buying, the
      analysts will come out and upgrade the stock and post
      positive comments and make it free to the public. Then the
      retail investors will start buying and the analysts'
      firm and their most favored clients start selling. The
      retail investors get shafted. This is exactly what is
      happening with INFY. In a fair world, all this should be
      illegal and the analyst, the firm and those clients
      should get punished, but then do you guys really believe
      that you live in just and fair democracy? or are the
      capiotal markets really perfect amd efficient?

    • One voluntary and the other

      No comaparison in the companies whatsoever. SYNT is
      shit and sould have been sold long ago.

      premium for INFY will never come sufficiently down, if
      you want to own growth you have to step up period.
      There is tremendous leverage in this company to blow
      out earnings with their low cost structure. It would
      also be a jewel of an acquisition for someone such as
      an IBM someday. When IBM wakes up which could be a
      long time even though it has suprsied me in the last

    • this bird will fly straight down!

      Crack on Jack!

    • Infosys surge justified-analysts

      Anantharaman Muralikumar

      BOMBAY, Sept 21 (Reuters) -
      Indian software company Infosys Technologies Ltd's surge
      to record levels on domestic
      and U.S. exchanges
      is supported by fundamentals and the rises could
      continue, analysts said on Tuesday.

      At home, shares
      of Infosys, the only Indian company listed on a
      stock exchange in the United States, have soared almost
      30 percent in the past week and by
      afternoon were trading at 7,624 rupees on the Bombay

      The domestic market was tracking runaway gains in its
      American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), which ended Monday at
      $131- on the U.S. Nasdaq exchange,
      after being
      offered six months ago at $34.

      Infosys's soaring
      profile was illustrated by the Nasdaq Amex international
      magazine's choice of an interview with Chairman and Chief
      Executive Officer N.R.
      Narayana Murthy as the cover
      story for this month's edition.

      The ADR price
      represents a 33 percent premium over the domestic share. Two
      ADRs are equivalent to one domestic share.

      domestic share has risen around 140 percent on the Indian
      market since the ADR launch, but analysts say the rise
      is warranted.

      ``Infosys has been showing
      consistent growth on an expanding base,'' said Shekhar
      Singh, software analyst at SBI Capital Markets

      ``Its price-to-earnings ratio of 75, based on current
      year earnings estimates, is justified compared to
      industry average of about 40-45,'' he said.

      expected the firm to post a net profit of 3.0 billion
      rupees ($69 million) in 1999/2000 (April-March) compared
      to a profit of about 1.35 billion in the
      year and per share earnings of nearly 100 rupees
      against 42 rupees last year.

      Analysts said the
      premium for the stock on the Nasdaq would continue not
      only because of tighter liquidity on the U.S. exchange
      but also because of the U.S.
      investors' tendency
      to reward growth.

      Infosys also represented
      the only choice for U.S. investors wanting an India
      play, although several other Indian companies are
      considering a U.S. listing.

      ``I expect the stock to
      touch 10,000 rupees before the end of this year,'' said
      an analyst at a European firm.

      will be lured by Infosys' high quality of management,
      excellent technical capability and high growth potential.''

    • Flying with artificial wings!

      Crack on Jack!

    • There are a lot of consrvative stratigies in
      American stock markets like COVERED CALLS which promise
      about 40 % return per annum without losing even 1
      second of sleep. For example there are stocks which can
      be purchased at 50 % discount to market value by
      using COVERED CALL stratigies.

      I do not know
      why someone why short stocks like INFY when the stock
      market offers such good stratigies .

      Anyway if
      you have been reading my posts i have tried my best
      to put before the folks the risk of shorting (
      especially shorting INFY ). Go back and read all my previous
      posts .

      The shorts are talking as if everything
      will work in text book fashion. It will not work that
      way. You may be absolutely right that INFY is
      overvalued . But by the time it comes down you might be

      Anyway good luck.

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