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  • m2shiri m2shiri Sep 22, 1999 11:23 AM Flag

    Hi guys. Anyone know whats the ticker

    symbol for ICICI Ltd. Tried ICD, IC but no use. Thanks.

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    • First Albany upgraded Infosys Technologies
      (NasdaqNM:INFY - news) to buy from accumulate. The firm said the
      stock offers more than 75 percent appreciation in less
      than one year. The company's stock has dropped about
      30 percent recently on concerns about supply of a
      key component and increased competition, but the firm
      said the company has very strong product and marketing

    • have cut my position too. Not being greedy for the cream
      Had a decent bite of the i happy...well in line
      with my name...Anand

    • Infosys<INFY.BO>says not to mull stock
      split Oct 8

      BANGALORE, India, Sept 27 (Reuters)
      - Indian software firm Infosys Technologies Ltd
      <INFY.O> on Monday denied it will consider a share split
      at its board meeting on October 8.

      "At this
      point of time, no such corporate act is contemplated in
      the ensuing board meeting," S. Gopalakrishnan, deputy
      managing director said in a statement.

    • posting here but what the hell. Besides, I like a
      happy name like Anand... So here it is.

      Infosys Technologies Ltd Cut to `Hold' at Batlivala &

      Bloomberg News
      September 26, 1999,
      10:41 p.m. PT

      Mumbai, Sept. 27 (Bloomberg Data)
      -- Infosys Technologies Ltd (INFO IN) was downgraded
      to "hold" from "buy" by analyst Sanjeev Goswami at
      Batlivala & Karani Securities Pvt Ltd.

    • As the famous liner goes
      "You buy out of
      compulsion and sell out of conviction"
      Buy it or u'll
      miss it only on the basis of arguments
      momentum & free float is finding reason for why it is
      going up
      and convinving urself about its
      un-convincing valuations. I
      am reasonably sure that
      astronomical valuation, even after
      factoring sexy growth
      rates, will take a toll on its stocks. As
      I said
      earlier, wait for other IPOs from India and ull see
      hot money chasing them, for their unique business
      model :-)

    • have said I would like to point out the
      difference in the
      naming convention between US &

      While breaking of shares is called 'Split' in the US,
      it is
      called 'Bonus' in India. Why ? Because, the
      event is
      celebrated with great pomp & people are
      prepared to pay
      higher price for the share (they see it
      as 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free).

      Thus any bonus
      announcement will lift the stock price.

      If the rumor
      you mentioned turns out to be true, I could
      imagine where INFY goes from here.

    • there is strong rumour in the Indian market that
      INFY is going for 1 for 5 split. In Indian market most
      of the time rumours turn out to be true than in the

      BTW results are coming out on 8 of October. So wait
      for two weeks????

    • I have not seen anyone posting any logical
      rationale for INFY price being so high. Longs on the board
      seem to be just mesmarized by the hype.

      I don't
      love or hate this stock...but need to have logic for
      saying that this puppy will keep flying upwards for

      Down is more likely in next two months than up...

    • A BIG investor can buy it all too.. IF he thinks
      it is cheap or values the fundamentals with the
      price of the stock:

      After all,a market exists
      only bcos some percieve it as a good buy while others
      think it is overvalued and sell..

      Well, you
      could be right and the stock might soon see
      and I could be wrong..

      All I care is: The
      huge premium on the ADR's which is unexplained..

      Comparing a cost of burger here to India is stupidity.. (I
      am not sure who gave such a STUPID
      comparison/explanation).. and applying that analogy to the stock of

      Any way : good luck to all..
      I still love the
      stock and will Jump on it as soon (if at all?) the
      premium on ADR drops to a reasonable level..


    • I am neither an insider nor a hypester.

      just bring out facts which are not easily available to
      I do a lot of research on companies thru various

      I thought it is a good deed to enlighten the
      victims / likely victims of Doomsayers like you &
      with facts so that they don't loose their hardearned
      your way.

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