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  • mysore12 mysore12 Nov 23, 1999 5:39 PM Flag

    INFY 7000 10 Years - Sky is the limit !

    I beg to differ I think INFY will hit 5000USD in 10 years. 7000 seems a little too much.

    US$ 5000 will be a breeze in 10 years.

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    • Quantagal,

      How can I bet with you !!! You
      will have nothing in six months from now (because you
      are shorting INFY and going long on ITIG).
      I can
      not bet with you because you will be completeley
      broke six months from now.

      Then you probably
      try to get your esteemed job of $5/hr.
      BTW, My buy
      price for INFY is $0.1 at the IPO price 1993. I bought
      them in India. Even @ $40(which is a fair value per
      your opinion), I have made tons of profit on INFY. I
      would not mind waiting for the next 4-5 times. What
      about you ? if INFY touches 400, you will be bankrupt
      I completely understand your frustration. You
      have shorted it from $80 and the more it goes up , the
      more your ?alls get squeezed. That must be real
      painfull for you. I am sorry for you. BTW, I dont own any
      INFY stocks here. I dont really care even if it goes
      down 30-40 dollars a day here. Where as you, if it
      goes up by $20-$30 from here, your ass will be on
      fire. That is your frustration and I completely
      understand your situation. That is why you keep abusing
      people with all kinds of names...

      But I can't
      help you man.....
      Go INFY $7000 in the next 10

    • fr cleaning the toilets, I guess.
      let us take
      a bet for a $1 million (do you have that kind of
      money??) that in six months from today, the returns on
      ITIG stock (including the spinoff) will be higher than
      INFY stock. I will give you 2:1 That is if I lose I
      will give you $2 million and if you lose, you give me
      $1 million.

    • Quantaboy/Jumper,

      Listen. If you are so
      sure that I dont work for AC , we can have a bet for
      starting from $100,000 , I am willing to fly to your place
      and prove it to you with enough documentation that I
      do work for AC (including pay stubs for the last 12
      months-- I can go beyond that also). If you have any kind
      of human decency left in you, either you accept the
      challenge or appologize for your rude remarks.

    • Thanks ... i already own KOREA

      I should
      apologise for not staying for the complete ride on SIFY. I
      have made some money on SIFY but missed out most part
      of ride on SIFY. I am thinking of buying small lots.

      Good luck with SIFY. I am sure you must be very happy
      with SIFY.

    • but avenger, you are one of the stupidest thing I
      have known. No, thanks, I do not need to run the
      company -- they are doing just fine. they screwed up big
      time by bringing that pig called steve carns but he is
      gone back to his sty and the right guys are running
      the company.
      You stupid moron, you say:
      1. INFY
      is a good buy at $15 Bil in valuation with $200 Mil
      in sales that includes $4 mil in E Business
      2. And ITIG is a short at $250 Mil in valuation with
      $200 Mil in sales that includes $10.7 Mil in
      E-business consulting last quarter and we are not even
      talking ASP Plus business yet.
      ITIG is so ridiculously
      undervalued, it's not even funny. Anybody who wants to sell me
      a block with 150,000 shares or more of ITIG, please
      let me know -- post it here and we can talk.
      you do the same with INFY, you stupid avenger.

    • Your overconfidence and disrespect for other
      investors will make you bite the dust soon...
      If you
      consider everyone other than yourself as janitor's and
      morons what about yourself..
      Try to run ITIG better
      and probably the organisation might survive (instead
      of going after retail investors)....
      As usual
      your INFY short position bites you once
      If you believed in fundamentals you would have
      never put money in ITIG...

      Short very short
      Long very long INFY

    • If you like rides and speculating..
      watch out NN , there is a lot of speculation about buyout...
      Watch out KOREA, it might do a sify ride.

      best of luck...

    • I do technical trading but very seldom. Mostly I
      am a fundamental player. For me ITIG is my long term
      fundamental position and INFY is my fundamental long term
      Short position. Congrats to MF for good short term
      calls but I am not in that space.

    • He claims that he works for AC -- a stupid moron
      like him is basically a janitor at Syntel or mastech
      and a AC wannabe.
      i mean he claims to work for AC
      and does not even know what Ac is all about. and he
      is lecturing me on stocks!!!! hahahaha
      BTW, good
      to see you shorting INFY. Well done. I am also
      shorting some more.
      416 Billion for this IT services co
      ith $200 mil in rev -- gimme a feeaking break.

    • employed some smart people but you claim to be
      working there--must be a janitorial job!
      and nobody is
      crying, you moron, I am in no hurry. When the big guys
      take all your retailers' money, then when I go to the

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