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  • skyisthelimit_1999 skyisthelimit_1999 Nov 28, 1999 8:44 PM Flag


    Are you still short on thisv one ?.

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    • of brokerage firms driving retail buyers in high
      while their major customers exit. Same thing with the
      Internet stocks which have flattened last six

      The key is to get ahead of the institutions and not
      behind them. If you are good enough to find value and
      hold you will prosper. But if you follow the pack you
      will own hyped gems with limited upside.

      is a much better investment than INFY... and the
      word is starting to get out. When you add 1.9 million
      shorts (per Yahoo), you have th epotential for very
      aggressive appreciation.


    • at $218, I predicted back when INFY was under
      $100 that I would think about shorting INFY if it went
      to $230.

      INFYs recent peak was $235, based on
      my technical analysis INFY should at least pull all
      the way back to $160 - $180.

      Prior to INFY
      going above $200 I was long, as a matter off fact I
      always called for INFY to go ABOVE $200, so don't come
      around and try to say I'm losing my ass on INFY shorts
      because I used to be an INFY I'm an INFY bear
      and PROUD of it.


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      • Muthuh,

        You seem to know what you are
        doing and it is your money. Who am I to say anything ?.
        I wish you good luck.
        I never shorted stocks and
        I am not comfortable in playing with derivatives,
        shorts etc. I will do some basic analysis on stocks
        (some times I could go wrong) and I will buy the stocks
        and hold them for atleast one year and then
        re-evaluate my position.

        Do you subscribe to any
        sites? or buy research reports ? If so , who do you
        think is better research provider ?. Any Ideas

        Recently(3 months back) I bought SEBL @ 34. I am holding
        that stock. What is your analysis on SEBL ? What do
        you think of SEBL in the next two years

        BTW, I plan to hold my INFY shares for the next
        two/three years.

        GO INFY ...
        $4000 - $7000 in the
        next 10 years.

    • My mantra -- "Short INFY, Long ITIG" seems to be taking steam lately will make us really really rich.

    • let's see some REAL selling on news.

      INFY's pretty extended here 2 for 1 is a lot less than many expected.

      I expect to see INFY slip below $200 tomorrow.

      Muthuh knows best.

    • 1. I am surprised that you shd have thought that
      I was abusive to you personally. I didnt think I
      was. No offense meant at all.

      2. I think that
      this stock is ridiculously priced. Hindu quoted me and
      Quant in their report and referred to the broader
      sentiment re: stock valuations.

      3. I should expect
      that you wd have raised your eyebrows that even after
      the split announcement, unlike other recent stocks,
      INFY is falling. I suspect this is so because more
      shares mean more trading and MMs and other parties will
      have lesser breadth to do their manipulations.

      4. INFY has to fall to $100 soon. Even at that price
      it is ridiculously overvalued but I would exit my
      short position thereabouts.

      5. Be warned all of
      you retail investors - the reason the stock is being
      made affordable is because they can suck more small
      investors into the stock; exit with profits while the
      smaller investors see their money disappear.

      You all have made enough money on this one. Get out
      NOW. This is the best time to lock in your past


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      • Jumper,

        Basically you were trying to say
        that Quantagal was right in saying that Andersen
        Consulting has market value between 6 - 14 B. My argument is
        Andersen has sales of 8.3 B and is growing 25 percent per
        year. AC has net profit margin of 15-20 percent and it
        is privatley held company. Show one company that has
        got brand name of AC, growing 25 percent and valued
        at .75 - 1.4 times sales. If AC were to be valued ,
        it will be atleast 6 times their sales , which will
        put them at 50B.
        Now coming to INFY's valuation.I
        hold infy shares from 1993 IPO in India. I used work
        at INFY from 1988 and I left them around 1992. I
        still hold a lot shares of INFY in India. Let me tell
        you some thing here. INFY has been a public company
        since 1993 and they have been following GAAP(which is
        Amercan Standard Accounting procedure) accounting
        procedures since 1993 even though they are not required to
        do so Indian stock market regulations. They are used
        declare results on a quarterly basis even though they are
        not required to do it. If you look at their quarterly
        reports since 1993 , the reports will tell you the story
        of the company. They have been doubling revenues
        since 1993 on a year to year basis. They are over
        valued if you just look at the numbers. The real
        difference between INFY and other guys like MAST,SYNT,ITIG
        etc is that these guys are known to be pure body
        shops. Not that INFY does not do the body shopping but
        it is not their core business. It is easy to get
        revenues grow by doing pure body shooping. INFY's net
        profit is almost as close as MSFT's. I would not Buy
        INFY at these levels but I would not sell either. I
        have complete faith in the management and I am sure
        they will do well in the long run. On valuation basis
        they may be over valued based on current sales but
        there are a lot of companies that over valued on the
        pure fundamental numbers basis. For Example Yahoo has
        only sales of 500Mil and valued at 60 B more than the
        valuation of GM. BRCM has sales of 450 Mil and is valued at
        20 B. Of course they are in different business and
        they are in media, semiconductor business. I dont know
        how one can rationailse the valuation of a lot of the
        companies SCMR, JNPR etc . In my opinion , Fundamentals are
        only one of the several criteria that determines the
        stock price, based on what I have seen so far. You guys
        may differ. You guys may think that INFY is in a no
        brainer(services) business, any body can copy their business and
        they should not valued at where they are right now. I
        think it may be a positive thing for them because if it
        is so easy , why could not any body else do the
        same. Why could not some body build a business like
        INFY ?(they have not a missed a quarter since their
        IPO). I leave the valuation to market. Let them figure
        it out but I would not sell my shares. I will hold
        them for the next 3-4 years for sure and evaluate from
        then onwards.

        ITIG - I dont much about these
        guys except that one of the co - founder used work
        with me in 1992-1993 . We both were working for the
        same company. I wish him good luck but I would not buy
        ITIG's shares at the current price and I would not short
        them either.

        More later,
        $4000 - $7000 in the next 10 years.

      • of course, buy ITIG with the new money you have. You just cannot lose !
        Long ITIG; Short INFY (Quant-Love that byline)

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