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  • rainingcomets rainingcomets Jan 7, 2002 10:39 PM Flag


    Hey Tim,

    I am not Fe4o3 (nor Jay either:) but i thought I might try to answer your five(5)day old question.

    IT looks like the 40,000 that Fe mentioned were going back to sept. Can't really fault Fe for that, now can we.

    In fact it was b/c I saw the recent insider buying that i thought i would check ntsc out. (I saw tonight that of the top 30 largest insider buys of the past month, all but 2 [two!!!] or 3 [three!!] have VERY nice percent gains.)

    I have no idea what this compnay will do in the future or if they economy will turn around as they seem to be relying on; but i don't know if htere could be a more bullish sign on a company than insiders/company buying.

    This note in the last press release is just another example:

    "As of Oct. 31, 2001, NTS had purchased, under the stock repurchase plan authorized by its board on Feb. 6, 2001,
    88,700 shares of its common stock, in open market purchases, at an average price of $1.94 per share."

    Very impressive.