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  • berrygeorge51 berrygeorge51 Mar 24, 2011 4:32 PM Flag

    Imagine this scenario

    I don't think they will file but imagine this scenario :

    They wait until "after market close" on Monday the 28th to file.
    By 3 PM est , the whole world will come to the conclusion that they will not file and that they will be delisted. The stock will probably hit 2 a share at the close (or less). Then they come out with figures after market close and the stock soars on Tuesday to 7 or 8.

    My view is that 2 a share is a good buy regardless of anything.
    I will be waiting on Monday to buy at that price if possible.

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    • "Then they come out with figures after market close and the stock soars on Tuesday to 7 or 8."

      You like a lot Disney movies, don't you?
      Or all the superheros, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, etc.

      Don't forget your digital camera to take a picture of any of them on Monday 28 when you will be saved from your gullibility.

    • Sorry to say - your assumption is wrong. They cannot file without an advanced PR. That time is already gone. Now forget that 28 Mar date. It has nothing to do with FUQI business.

      The shorts have planted a very bad impression in some investor's brain that March 28 is the end of Road for FUQI.

      Again, FUQI business is not affected by Nasdaq listing.

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      • cmzt031 - YOU ARE SO WRONG !!!!

        An advanced press release is NOT required by the SEC. As a matter of fact over 200 companies chose NOT to have an advanced press release. The latest company to do so wAS "agfeed" SYMBOL "feed".

        The migration from a major index to a minor index has always affected a company in a negative way and always will.
        There are no exceptions to that rule.

        Are you trying to say all will be neutral if they go to the pink sheets ?

        Fuqi has until 11:59 PM est on Monday March, 28th, 2011 to send an electronic file to the SEC to remain complient.

        Why they would wait that long is beyond my imagination but mathmatically and timewise the option remains open until then.