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  • greendog03 greendog03 Aug 14, 2008 10:00 PM Flag

    i wonder with oil prices slipping a little bit

    if this will help the bottom line. to tell you the truth, this company would seem like the perfect pick for this type of environment. Yet, the stock just sits there. uf these guys could just surprise on the upside with the next earnings report, this would be the start of a good run for the stock, but just when you think that these guys are going to have a good quarter, they find some way to disappoint.

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    • lower natural gas prices won't help them in the quarter just eneded as natural gas prices were very very high for most of the quarter. That said, this quarter they should see a benefit. On the bright side, I noticed the price of Cat's Pride finally increased at my local grocery store. Others in the industry also seemed to have raised prices. My guestimate is one more flat or down quarter with a better quarter currently underway...of course guessing ODC's earnings from quarter to quarter is more unpredictable than one would think.

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      • hey discount

        I just realize that natural gas prices are basically the same price as last year. These guys should be showing some savings here which should trickle down to the bottom line. also, this stock would seem to be the perfect play in this environment. in fact, the stock should be selling in the high 20's based on the lower commodity prices, the slow economy, dividend yield, and the sales momentum that showed in the prior quarter. In addition, they supposedly have some new product coming out as well. now, with all this said, they will find a way to disappoint, and have some excuse why the quarter wasn't better, whether it's high commodities, a kink in the production line, a hedge that didn't work, a customer cancellation, or some new excuse, just when you think that the stars are lining up right - they just kill you with something, it would be nice, if for once they said "we had a recording breaking quarter, and earnings were based on all the execution that we've been doing over the past years and it's nice that finally its showing up on the bottom line, and we see these results continuing into the future". I'm not going to be fooled by the raise in the div, been fooled by other companies who have raised the dividend, only to be disappointed

      • hey discount

        Don't these guys have some super secret new product that they are suppose to be coming out with soon, at least that was what i thought i heard on the last conference call. they couldn't give out any information since it was top secret. So i'm really curious what this product is and if this idea of keeping under wraps is really necessary. maybe these guys are capable of surprising me, but I've been disappointed so many times with this company that i hold the stock based on the dividend and low valuation, hoping that someday this stock will actually trade as a growth stock, i guess we can dream.

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