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  • greendog03 greendog03 Jun 17, 2009 6:33 PM Flag

    Insider selling was perfect timing

    I've very rarely ever seen insider buys here but the timing of those sales in june by insiders prior to the walmart news makes me wonder.................. but then again the insiders are always selling their stock here. the day you see an insider buy here ( don't hold your breath) is when you know at least the stock is good value. but it's time to move on here because management is a seller and pretty much has yet to show they can grow the company meaningful in a way that shareholders will benefit - maybe someday they'll figure it out but i don't have the patience anymore - the stock chart over the last 10 years pretty much tells the story.

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    • I find your presumption (that I am insinuating vs, say, speculating) to be presumptuous...heh heh...insinuation
      implies that I am being the contrary, my
      post is overt in I presume you meant just the
      other guys...he he
      And my conclusion is the same as yours, ie. mgt is to be
      trusted as some exer-sales at a suspcicious time do not
      outweigh what I have seen/heard over 7 yrs...
      ASSuming that the automatic sales are just that,
      mgt has little/no say/control in timing...
      An exer-sale (if that is, indeed, what the others are,
      and they look it -- albeit only one in June) is
      very different. If I were the
      CEO of this co, and I got material news on 11 Jun,
      I would not have let an exer-sale happen...
      regardless of whether I was doing, my private banker
      was doing it or my broker...
      I am not sure where the exercised options were priced
      but even at $0, only 2379 sh certainly 'ain't worth it'...
      In closing, I will presume that ODC mgt released this
      info almost immediately upon finding out...

    • According to the SEC filing, the sales were exempt from Rule 16b-3 because they were part of a long term employee incentive plan. Nothing is suggestive of a plan to use insider information. WalMart may have been a material event, but it's hard to see its financial impact as worth risking a trip to Leavenworth.

      • 1 Reply to euphoric52
      • that insider rule is a joke. there hadn't been any trades until june - maybe a consequence. It's interesting how the dividend was raised around the same time that walmart issued the news. now like i said these guys might of not had a clue it was coming which wouldn't be a surprise here. But the guy at country wide had one of these programs and was legally able to sell his shares when he saw the writing on the wall. insiders usually know a lot more than the general public will ever know. Very rarely do you see insiders buy here and maybe that's why the stock has do nothing for 10 years or more. This company always seems to have a lot of potential but potential only means you haven't done anything yet.

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