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  • boar292hog boar292hog Mar 16, 2013 3:02 PM Flag

    Dearest WM, Could you please

    upgrade your technology? When a NEW OWNER calls you to TELL YOU they BOUGHT THE HOUSE and you START BILLING them.......well hey, how about fixing your system so it doesn;t also bill the seller?
    I called you, I paid the bill in December.....and now you send me a nastygram saying I am late and you might turn to collections? !!
    Well heres some radical news for you, this is the first I have heard of it SINCE I PAID THE BILL ON 12 DEC 2012! Remember? I sold the house in Nov of 2012, closed 24 DEC...said I didn;t mind paying the bill thru 31 DEC 2012?
    Of course you don't YOUR SYSTEM can't seem to do anything but DEFAULT to the bill payment regardless of billing the new owner.
    It would be onething if this was the exception to the rule however, my experience over the last 6 years of moving. buying selling for self/Family is that this is the RULE AT WM.
    Its okay to be incompetent but please, don't drag the rest of us into your lame excuse for technology.

    I mean seriously, how hard is it to clean your system up? What a bunch of jack______(fill in the blank).

    its not that I'm important or anything else because I'm not. It is however, because you knowingly waste your own customers time.
    Gee I can't wait to call in on Monday to talk to a phone jockey and share the discovery w/him or her !

    Odes the term/word/concept/notion EFFICIENCY mean anything to WM?

    Thats 5 times in a row over the last 6 years. You managed to spread your love for me through AZ and into NV. I ought to charge you 2 hours of labor for my time wasted...or better yet, let you take this to collection then hang your butts in court.

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