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  • dumpster_diva dumpster_diva Oct 25, 1999 11:02 AM Flag

    Waste humor, nothing serious


    Once upon a midnight
    dreary, while I pondered weak and weary
    Over many a
    quaint and curious acquisition of forgotten
    While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a
    As of some one gently rapping, rapping on my chamber
    �Tis some shareholder, � I muttered, �tapping at my
    chamber door;
    Only this and nothing more.�

    I distinctly remember, it was in the bleak
    And each dying burgundy ember wrought its ghost upon
    the floor,
    Eagerly I wished the morrow; vainly, I
    had sought to borrow
    From my banks who felt no
    sorrow, sorrow for this industry whore,-
    For the weak
    and wasted business who could not sustain its
    Nameless here forevermore

    Open then I flung the
    shutters, when with many a boast and bluster.
    In there
    stepped a stately raven to audit all my records from
    Not a friendly gesture made he; nor a comment, yea or
    But with focus, ever ready, to uncover something
    Perched upon my chamber door
    Perched and viewed my
    books and systems, like I�ve never seen
    Gasped and stared and nothing more

    This raven
    auditor was mean, and claimed my explanations
    To have no correlation to the events from days of
    I claimed it was technology, that really got the
    best of me,
    It couldn�t be my company that�s
    rotten to the core
    But when he spoke to analysts, to
    shareholders he gave no rest
    When asked if they should now
    invest in this forsaken whore
    Quoth the raven

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    • Once confidence is restored tha management will
      guide the Street as to earnings etc. investors will
      flood back in here at these prices - a more reasonable
      multiple will ensue - I believe 24 - 26 is appropriate
      right now as long as they meet today. New CEO is a huge
      coup for WMI - he put Yellow on the straight and
      narrow making it profitable in less than a year after
      three years of losses. WMI has the revenues to make a
      similar turnaround possible under his guidance. At any
      rate I think we'll all know soon. Good luck longs!

    • But just a little low, that's a hell of a burn

      "The board ordered the audit - involving
      1,160 auditors at a cost of $3 million per day - at its
      1,200 facilities"

      Now if they could just get my
      pension information right!

    • thank god somebody on this board can see it as well as I can. thought all that was on here was money hungry assholes that never knew anything about the workings at wm. welcome to the east coast !

    • Just another case of WM...Wasted Money!! Paint
      the shop some other time. Fix the ship!!
      are way screwed up, spending money on painting trucks
      that should be replaced, not painting containers that
      need to go out (customers are getting a
      colorchart(blue,burgundy,brown, and green) of containers delivered to them that
      leak, don,t roll (about as bad as the ones they
      replace) Out of several sizes of containers...
      will it stop??
      They want you gone because you see
      the BS, and you are a team player, that's not what
      they want. they want a yes man! STAND TALL!!! You and
      others like you are the ones that keep this thing
      afloat. Us worker bees can only do so much tho. It's time
      for no more self gratification and glorifying of
      themselves by mgmnt. They need to get down and contribute to
      the turnaround of this company. Stop worrying about
      breaking a nail or getting hands or clothes dirty! Pitch
      in! Make it happen!

    • sorry, but must set you straight.
      it should be
      green vs. blue.
      and we have been told to get the
      painting done asap. $ 12,000 to paint 6' high of green
      with a 8" gold stripe around inside of shop ! lol.

    • Well, since I asked the question first, what do
      you want me to say? I am looking for some calcs on
      WMI airspace and haven't seen any.
      IMHO I sure
      don't see any lack of available airpspace.The tipping
      fees bear this out. Even using a wasteshed standpoint,
      you have to consider the overflow, because the bottom
      line is it can be transported (and is) to whereever
      the space exists. So looking at the total amount of
      available airspace is also important. Care to enlighten me?

      Were you looking for WMI landfills by name, or the
      competition in your other post? Won't name specific names of
      landfills for competitors because it starts to tread on
      anonymity. Look in the South.
      Why are you asking about
      expansions? The point I was trying to make, is that it is
      possible to get into the business. I beleive those
      companies have demonstrtaed this.
      This is a seperate
      issue from how much airspace WMI has at this point. The
      discussion was not on who currently had the ~most~
      Guess I am unclear on your question.

    • inhaled too much. Please watch the generalization
      about airspace. I've ask that question myself with no
      answers. why don't we look at top five wastesheds: NYC,

      need to look at it from wasteshed


      "Cal Inhaled"

    • All the genrals were trained at the same two
      schools, now they've been put out to defend the honor of
      the method of management wqhich they prefer - central
      vs decentral.

      Hmmmmm, where's Sherman?

    • And where was that show broadcast from???

      Chicago, Als real vault was probably in oak brook!

      Sorry let my medication slip, oops!

      "Carl Inhaled"

    • Please who are u referring to, when u use the word convicted?
      Afterall thats public info isn't it???

      "Carl inhaled"

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