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  • dontbetheball dontbetheball Dec 27, 2000 12:21 PM Flag

    OT Prophecy?

    Al Gore Sat scores 580 verbal/600 math. Bill Bradley-another liberal genius, had a 480 verbal.

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    • How do you get this private information? Do
      reporters ferret it out of the school officials who are
      supposed to keep it confidential? Until I see some
      confirmation, I am going to remain skeptical about the accuracy
      of your figures since simply listening to these guys
      puts your claims in doubt. Two of the three at least
      know how to connect a subject with a predicate, speak
      in full sentences, and can talk extemporaneously.
      Your guy needs a script, but the big words throw him.
      However, none of the them get any prize for charismatic
      vocal delivery. Lets hope the advisers do their job

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      • <EOM>

      • Ah, it's good to be back! And a Happy New Year to

        The scores I posted for W: 566 (560?) for verbal and
        640 for math, appeared in the NYTimes, Saturday, June
        10th (retrieved through the NYTimes Archives). The
        article was entitled "THE 2000 CAMPAIGN:THE CHEERLEADER;
        Earning A's in People Skills at Andover". The scores were
        leaked by some CURRENT Yale students and reprinted in
        the New Yorker. According to W's Yale 25th reunion
        book, the average for W's class was 668 verbal and 718

        Of course none of this matters except to confirm
        that anyone can grow up to be President, which would
        have been true whichever candidate won.

        TOPIC: There's an article in today's WSJ about Bill
        Miller and his Legg Mason Value Trust, which holds a
        pretty large block of WMI. Miller outperformed the S&P
        500 for the 10th straight year (-7.1%VT vs. -9.1%S&P
        on a total return basis). Among the best performers
        was WMI. Many long term readers of this thread will
        remember the skepticism recorded in posts here as he
        announced his purchases of WMI.

        WMI Long

    • I might remind you that Bill was a Rhodes Scholar
      and that calls into question your snide use of
      "genius" to characterize him. I'd really like to see a
      source for that verbal number (and his math score, if
      you have it). Don't answer if you can't cite a

      Thanks in advance.

      WMI Long

    • Robert Morris, Lord, Abbett & Co., discussed WMI today on CNNfn's "Talking Stocks".

    • How about supporting your claims about the SAT scores. Provide a link and support your claims!!


      PS: I'm a GW supporter, however, I still need to see if what you say is true.

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