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  • seetargetfield seetargetfield Apr 20, 2011 12:05 PM Flag

    Funny the shorts said nothing when MCP was up on down day

    A couple days ago the market tanked down 200 points, yet MCP was even/up. I didn't see the shorts screaming then about how screwed MCP was.

    MCP is manipulated just like any other stock. When it's hot, it's going to be manipulated by the big boys to get better position and make more money.

    Obviously, there is a lot of buying and accumulation in the 72 range. All time high is around 76, not a big gap. If MCP had been left alone today, it likely would have been over 76. But when big boys want in, they will tank and pin it down. Same thing happened when it ran to 67; they tanked it back down to 62 (that's where I got in when they did it. It was a 5 percent tank job in one day, for no reason at all other than to let big boys load up). And the next day it popped and its been running nicely ever since.

    No surprise they banged it down a bit from the all-time high. Only $4 though. Big deal. That's nothing. It's to be expected.

    Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, the big boys will be done accumulating. Then they'll let it ride to 90.

    The fact that it's down when the market is up only shows the manipulation. It is not a reflection on the stock.

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    • I hate shorts/longs that do that. When I take a position, I have conviction in my decision so I don't feel the need to SPAM message boards when the stock moves in my favor. In fact I like helping people who are on the other side of the fence out if they need advice. EVERYONE here are retail, small time investors who are trying to not get robbed by the big boys. Why not work as a team? People can be such douches

    • Interesting take. I just got in knowing this stock was hot, the chart looks like a salute. A time I would normally be selling. I expect this to correct some I just hope not a sell off. There is support at about 2.00 down today.

      Since I am new, I would like to hear what you and KingFish have to say about MCP fair value at this stage of the game.

      Current portfolio of a closed mine coupled with supplementary revenue streams from all the new acquisitions - Miner/Manufacturer.

      How do you read the CC's with no real production? Can MCP flourish if China goes back on their promise to open up and allow outside production???

      There are some informative and intelligent posts on the board.

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      • The shorts are just morons. The second the stock is down, they start screaming that the sky is falling.

        Two days ago, when the market tanked 200 points, you'd have expected MCP to drop 3 percent. Instead, it ended up a bit up. In fact, nobody would have been surprised or angry if it had dropped 3 percent given what the market did.

        Now today, the market is up huge and MCP has gone down 2.5 percent. And all of a sudden everyone is screaming how cooked it is. Well, why weren't they screaming foul Monday when it was up on a down day?

        Face it. The stock gets manipulated like all others. On the day it tanked 5 percent from 67 to 62, everyone screamed SHORT IT SHORT IT SHORT IT. Next day it rallied big and has kept going up pretty much ever since. It's down 1.70 or so today. That's nothing. This stock swings 2-3 bucks easy on any given day. Been doing it for a while.

        Who cares if it's down today? It should have been down two days ago and wasn't, now it's down today instead. It's pure manipulation.

        It's not going to go straight up without a down day. Duh.

    • Very well put. 72 is nothing imho. Check out the volume today. If 72 were such a great deal, why haven't we seen it in the volume?

      People are waiting (especially my momentum boys and girls) for better entry and 72 isn't it.

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