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  • aviantruth aviantruth Jun 15, 2012 9:40 AM Flag

    FATALLY WOUNDED rare earths entering FINAL stage of CRASH


    Welcome to your CALL OPTION WIPE OUT DAY, my sweet rare earth SUCKERS, and am more than happy to rub your noses in it, given the razzing and ridicule I suffered over the past year when i SMARTLY WARNED AGAINST these WORTHLESS rare earth doggies.


    IGNORE all the DESPERATE rare earth cheerleader SUCKERS on this board today, they are planting all kinds of PHONY BS NONSENSE in hopes they can raise the value of their WORTHLESS call options. My favorite NONSENSE is the TOTAL BS about "possible takeover" offers of these DYING rare earths. What a TOTAL JOKE! IMPOSSIBLE, IMPOSSIBLE!!!!


    My sweet rare earth BOOBS, NOBODY is going to bid for rare earth stinkers that remain OBSCENE SUPERBUBBLES. Now when this MCP donkey CRASHES to 2.00 or less, probably BEFORE year's end, then, maybe they can SUCKER somebody into buying the skunk. BUT no company in its right mind is going to offer any premium at current SUPERBUBBLE valuations for any of these DYING rare earths. Why do so when you can pick them up for almost nothing in the PINK SHEETS????

    Or haven't you figured that out yet?????



    That is why you can still make HUGE $$$ PROFITS SHORTING these rare earth doggies on their way to ZERO. In the case of the rare earth penny junk juniors, Just BUY A TON OF THE CHEAP, IN THE MONEY PUTS, and the best, NO RISK, PUTS are the IN THE MONEY 2.50 PUTS and 5.00 PUTS,. if you buy them in large quantity, you can still make a MASSIVE $$$$ SCORE as the FATALLY WOUNDED rare earth juniors make their FINAL DIVE toward ZERO, probably well before end of Summer.

    In the case of a rare earth senior trash like MCP, the SAFE PUTS to buy are primarily the IN THE MONEY 25.00 PUTS, and you can make MASSIVE $$$$ profits on the MCP donkey's ride toward 1.00 or LESS.

    Anyway, my sweet rare earth BOOBS, it's more of the same old, same old, as yet another month's rare earth call options WIPE OUT WORTHLESS, as they have done, month after month after month, during the entire preceding year, and it's a DESERVED wipe-out, given that there is ZERO logic to buying call options in any FATALLY WOUNDED BEAR sector like the rotten rare earths.

    The Law of Rare Earth stocks persists, my sweet rare earth SUCKERS, and time to repeat the Law for those newbies who have yet to learn it:

    ok, class, here it's an ABSOLUTE LAW about rare earths you will NEVER learn from the typical fund manager sleaze on Wall Street, who exists to rip off and financially rape their own relatives and friends, so why would you DELUDE yourself into thinking they have one speck of an incentive to make complete strangers money????




    when the DOW or NASDAQ rise, the rare earth stinkers FALL

    when the DOW or NASDAQ are flat, the rare earth stinkers FALL

    when the DOW or NASDAQ fall, the rare earth stinkers FALL

    Basically, the FATALLY WOUNDED rare earths FALL 95% of the time, as is the case of ALL CONFIRMED BEAR market skunks. Each and every PHONY UNSUSTAINABLE BURP is RE-SHORTED by SMART market pros and vets.

    That is why SMART market pros and vets have SHORTED these SICK rare earths TO THE MAX, often on a NAKED basis, and WITHOUT one speck of fear that they will have to cover to any degree.....and they have SHORTED the actual rotten stocks, bought TONS OF PUTS, and WRITTEN tons of ultimately WORTHLESS calls.

    And if you haven't figured that out yet, well..........




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