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  • mammalreality mammalreality Aug 20, 2012 11:35 AM Flag

    MCP Close IN THE RED is 95% likely


    The fatally wounded rare earth sector is nothing more than one long list of PINK SHEET stocks in the making.

    As confirmed BEAR stocks, they have closed IN THE RED this past year most of the time and there is NO reason to think the downtrend will change until virtually all rare earths are PINK SHEET listed.

    The only effectively RISK FREE strategy that works in a rare earth BEAR is as follows:

    1. SHORT the stock
    2. Buy in the money PUTS
    3 WRITE out of the money calls, even on a NAKED basis, since all rallies are brief, inconsequential, and quickly erased, if not within days, then in mere HOURS.

    IGNORE all phony or deluded cheerleading, since the rare earth cheerleaders have been 100% WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG for the past year, as befits certified failures and losers.

    One last point that is worth stressing: for those deluded dupes who still think rare earths are in a "bull" market, they must realize that ALL bull stocks jump DOLLARS per day, they do NOT struggle for PUNY PENNIES....furthermore, all genuine bull stocks IGNORE bad news, only pay attention to good news, and that is NEVER the case with these dying rare earths.

    Case closed.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I have been reading Aviantruth's posts on this board that have appeared here for some time now. This gentleman's postings are very informative. He appears to have a superior intellectual understanding of some advanced investing techniques. It appears as though he has made a great deal of money using those techniques that he has detailed in many of his posts.

      The bottom line is this, just how much money has he made? Since it is highly unlikely he would be willing to show us a copy of his Federal Tax Form (s) 1040 Schedule D which shows ones security transactions it would be impossible for us to verify the success (or lack therein) of the strategies he has outlined for us in his various posts.

      To be brutally frank ,do you want to take investment advice from a person who from his writings appears to be an arrogant, condensending hostile and mean spirited person? Do those behaviors and attitutes inspire confidence and credibility in an indvidual exhibiting such? Its your call.

    • yes we all knows !!
      YAY 3month target price 2$

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