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Molycorp, Inc Common Stock Message Board

  • insect_insight insect_insight Oct 4, 2012 5:20 PM Flag

    MCP bagholder message board littered with standard phony pumps


    as usual the slimeball funds placed shills all over this board today to provide phony pumps of these sick rare earth stocks, in order to scam amateurs into going long, especially via the always worthless rare earth call options.

    The MCP "strength" was not confirmed by the rare earth juniors in the sector, none of which performed well, as they struggled for puny penny gains, that is anything but "bull" market action.

    yet smart market historians know full well that in all genuine bull market sectors, the juniors typically outperform the seniors, since the stock market is nothing more than a barometer of FUTURE potential and juniors represent the most future potential, not to mention having typically smaller share floats, such that liquidity inflows are supposed to move them much more strongly on the upside.

    Conversely in confirmed bear markets, as exists for the dying rare earths, the juniors always underperform seniors almost every day, since the juniors enter bankruptcy first, thereafter followed by the fast weakening seniors. In fact, most rare earth juniors trade near pink sheet levels thus proving it is a rare earth bear and the bear destroys most sectoral members, always, and MCP will prove to be no exception to the norm of all bear markets.

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