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  • greedorfear greedorfear Nov 27, 2012 10:15 AM Flag

    This board is almost worthless

    Except for a few chuckles now and then when reading the shorts poor arguments. I don't think I've read one decent indepth short argument on the board since I bought shares

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    • I too have given up on Yahoo boards. It's like listening to high school kids yelling at each other.

      Very little useful content, if any.

    • The change in format made them much less worthwhile. I still tend to glance at the thread titles but rarely click thru. When the last format change happened I thought I would give up Yahoo boards completely. I've probably only posted a handful of times ... several of which were posts that the format sucks.

      I never have bothered to read useless posters. If I read a few posts from an ID (like the insect/mammal/avian line) and find them empty of content, I skipped that person in the future. Not surprisingly, the format change did not affect posters who don't care about useful content. So now we have a useless format, dominated by useless posters.

    • cansomeonetellmenowpls cansomeonetellmenowpls Nov 27, 2012 10:23 AM Flag

      That's because you became blind to the truth once you became a long
      I've been right on this stock since the first days it popped all the way up to 70 and all the way down

      These insiders dumped BILLIONS of dollars of shares on you that they got for free and y'all praise em for it. Dummies. This is a shell game. All kept up for appearances. They made their hundreds of millions to billions of dollars already. If they go bk it doesn't matter to them. They already got theirs.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • This is your in-depth argument? Business plan and IPO enacted before incredible spike in rare earths prices (some products increased in price 40x between mid-2009 and mid-2011). Executives with millions of shares sold a portin of their shares on the day they were allowed to sell, as any sane investor would have. The company did not create the rare earths price spike. (But the company did profit from stockpiles in a manner they could've have never dreamed.) MCP sold 4,391 mt of product last quarter ($207 million revenue), which is 92% of full Phase 1 production (shorts write as if a new 4,700 mt is being added to market, ignoring reality). MCP will be switching out high cost production for low cost prduction over the next quarters, losing Neo integration charges, adding the joint venture magnet sales, etc.

      • OK, what execs. wouldn't dump their shares at some point during a huge runup if they know REE prices are inherently overpriced?

      • truer words about MCP were never posted ! Well said cansomeonetellmenowpls !!!!

        this recent pop/ spike from the $ 5.75 is still below the last low of $9.40 at the Nov 9th earnings call only 20 days ago. This "insider buying" will subside and MCP will see new lows in December / January ..... especially IF the SEC makes a negative announcement .....but even without that SEC stuff MCP's debt will crush this company the global recession puts heavy downward pressure on many markets, and lastly we can not forget the complete COLLAPSE of REE pricing.....

        Lookout below ......... Timmmberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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