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  • insect_insight insect_insight Nov 27, 2012 3:48 PM Flag

    IGNORE pumping DISINFO shills for slimy funds, they are ALWAYS WRONG!


    Ladies, for more than a year now, the DISINFO shills on rare earth BAGHOLDER boards have screamed about imminent "short squeezes" to be caused by events that NEVER NEVER NEVER manifest.....

    They scream that the chinese will cease providing rare earths....WRONG!
    They scream that MCP will beat expectations...they NEVER do!
    They scream that insiders are buying.....but their token purchases are INCONSEQUENTIAL!
    They scream that the SEC will drop its investigation.....VERY unlikely, since every market pro knows the SEC is a de facto subsidiary and agent for Goldman, JP Mutton, Morgan Stinkley et al, and those slime firms OBVIOUSLY have been SHORTING the hell out of dying rare earths this past year, despite their DISINFO pumps to the they most certainly will have their dutiful SEC shills press charges against MCP, in order to CRASH it into the close of the year.

    Ladies, if you do not have MASSIVE short protection in this DYING rare earth sector, particularly IN THE MONEY PUTS, then kiss ALL your $$$$ goodbye soon.....I provided that same warning more than a year ago, and you can NOT deny I was 100% CORRECT, can you??



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