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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 16, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    IGNORE pumping DISINFO shills for slimy funds, they are ALWAYS WRONG!


    More than a year ago, I WARNED many many times that the MCP penny junk would CRASH and BURN...and I received nothing but taunts, ridicule, and jeers from the MCP BAGHOLDER FAILURES.

    My major TECHNICAL indicator WARNING me that MCP penny junk MUST CRASH happened to be the DYING rare earth JUNIORS, that began the rare dive into the toilet, well before MCP finally joined them, and those FATALLY WOUNDED DIVING rare earth JUNIORS SCREAMED SCREAMED SCREAMED the MCP penny junk would soon join them in the toilet.

    Reason: the rare earth JUNIORS have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS served as PERFECT FUTURE indicators of the entire sector.....and without RISING rare earth JUNIORS, climbing in a SUSTAINED bullish manner, then that means EVERY SINGLE BURP in MCP penny junk is PHONY PHONY PHONY PHONY.

    Those who IGNORED my warnings more than a year ago are crying into their beer today....those who fully understood my SMART lessons about market history SHORTED the hell out of MCP penny junk and are DROWNING in $$$$$ PROFITS today.

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