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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 25, 2013 6:26 PM Flag

    PATHETIC rare earth JUNIORS screaming that MCP upmove is PHONY PHONY PHONY


    The bottom line is this: the DYING rare earth JUNIORS, most of them now on the cusp of PINK SHEET LISTING, completely FAILED to CONFIRM today's SUCKER BURP in the FATALLY WOUNDED MCP penny junk.

    I have used the rare earth JUNIOR indicator as an INFALLIBLE guide over the past year, an absolute PERFECT INDICATOR that has SCREAMED over and over and over again, "AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID rare earth trash!!" and/or "SHORT SHORT PUT PUT PUT the sick rare earth trash into the toilet where they belong!!!"

    Every SMART market vet who understand market history knows full well that in ALL genuine bull sectoral uptrends, the JUNIORS have ALWAYS led the way, they are the ONLY way you can know for certain whether any particular market move is genuine or contrived.....that is because the stock market is nothing more than a barometer of a stock's FUTURE expectations....and the sector JUNIORS are ALWAYS most representative of FUTURE expectations within the sector....WITHOUT JUNIOR confirmation, every single burp upward in MCP penny junk is DOOMED TO FAIL, period, period, period..

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    • It depends on the junior genius. There's a few good ones but a guy like you who throws out the baby with the bath water would never know it. For example, Ucore, uuraf is in the sweet spot for rees in North America. Your blanket statements on rees is incorrect. The question an investor should be asking is which rees, where are they, who needs them and how easy are they to get at? Molycorpse has a flawed business model that depends on minerals that are in surplus. If they had the heavy rare earths, they would be in a different position.

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