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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 26, 2013 3:49 AM Flag

    PATHETIC rare earth JUNIORS screaming that MCP upmove is PHONY PHONY PHONY


    Been WARNING AGAINST these DYING rare earths for more than a year now, with nearly 100% ACCURACY......and yes, MCP penny junk became a TRUE penny junk stock a bit later than I thought, but penny junk it is, in ALL aspects...and PINK SHEET listing coming by Spring.

    IGNORE all PHONY pumps of the FATALLY WOUNDED rare earths, placed by the slimy call WRITING funds....they have been SCAMMING amateur small spec SUCKERS for ages now, not just pertaining to DYING rare earths but also the USELESS golds and silvers....and if people had listened to me instead of those slimy funds and investment bank scumsters, they would be richer than god today.

    The only potential good news I can offer the many small spec DUPES who got SCAMMED forever by the slimy wall street weasels is that, if they are unable to place another corrupt shill into the Treasury, somebody who can fearlessly loot the Treasury with total impunity and pass the proceeds to the wall street scumsters, then that would mean the FINANCIALS sector finally becomes THE best SHORT target in the history of the US markets since ALL major financial firms are MEGA MEGA MEGA bubbles to the nth degree, no matter what spin they might offer to the contrary. Most of those firms would have deservedly FAILED in 2008, except for their Paulson shill's overt and unabashed thievery, passing Treasury monies to his special wall street pals.

    Live and learn from your intellectual superiors, and LEARN!

    This topic is deleted.
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