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  • insect_insight insect_insight Feb 8, 2013 5:09 PM Flag

    Why DYING rare earth JUNIORS GUARANTEE MCP penny junk to FAIL


    Re-read this SMART rejoinder I provided to a typical rare earth cheerleader VILLAGE IDIOT...and LEARN something from your intellectual superiors:

    I'm sorry to undermine your world of SHEER IGNORANT AMATEUR DELUSIONS and IDIOCY, but your argument is entirely specious and has NO HISTORICAL basis of FACT.

    As somebody with a GENIUS understanding of both market HISTORICALS and TECHNICALS (as I once again just proved today vis a vis my PERFECT forecasts concerning LNKD and its derivatives!!), it is a CATEGORICAL HISTORICAL FACT that in all genuine BULL uptrends, the JUNIORS of a BULL sector ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS outperform radically the seniors in percentage terms.

    THAT is the absolute distinguishing feature of a REAL SUSTAINABLE BULL UPTREND because....repeat after me, class....the stock market is nothing more than a barometer of FUTURE expectations....and the JUNIORS of a sector ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS are the component of any sector with "the greatest hopes and FUTURE expectations."

    You see, my mentally challenged and intellectual INFERIOR, if MCP penny junk traded in a REAL sustainable BULL market uptrend, then by logical extrapolation, that would mean its entire sector also trades in such an uptrend, admitting one or two exception....but the rare earth JUNIORS...ALL of them...are DYING DYING DYING....and that is EMPIRICAL ABSOLUTE evidence that the rare earth sector itself is DYING DYING DYING.

    Reason: if the rare earth sector were healthy in any sustainable sense, then there would be ample financing opps for the rare earth JUNIORS....and if there are none, as is the case, then that means the sector itself remains FATALLY WOUNDED and MCP penny junk can NOT survive in a FATALLY WOUNDED sector. NO single stock can trade positive for any sustainable duration within a VICIOUS BEAR sector, NO single stock can trade "bullishly" within a vacuum unto itself.

    A "consolidating" industry does NOT describe the FATALLY WOUNDED rare earth sector, since NONE of the DYING seniors are capable of buying any of the DYING juniors...they are ALL FAILING, falling into the toilet together synchronously. There has been ZERO consolidation action in the rare earth sector for ages!!!

    Finally, like the sweet little AMATEUR rare earth #$%$ you happen to be, you STUPIDLY believe JP Mutton made a good faith upgrade when, if you check the insider sales data, they have EXTINGUISHED all their holdings in rare earths, ergo, they have NO reason to desire rare earths to rise, ergo, it is nothing more than typical LIES, DECEIT and SLEAZY behavior, the hallmarks of that slimy company that should have deservedly gone bankrupt in 2008, except for the looting of the US Treasury by their obedient shill, former Treasury Sec, Paulson..

    Now I realize that you are an intellectual INFERIOR and have NO abilities to comprehend this PERFECT syllogistic reasoning of mine....but until you do, then your every penny placed into MCP penny junk is a GUARANTEED LOSS, and you need NOT bother attempting to refute my PERFECT logic, since you are intellectually INCAPABLE of doing so, as is the norm for the majority of wall street denizens, most of whom consist of intellectually vapid NO talent inherited money ivy league she-male boobsters, none of whom would hold their positions if not for their rich drunk daddies, using influence to hire their typically brain dead sons and daughters. Pedigree does NOT impress a GENIUS like me, only GENUINE intellectual talent, and 99% of the ivy leaguesters on wall street have NONE!

    Live and learn from your intellectual superiors, and LEARN!

    This topic is deleted.
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