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  • insect_insight insect_insight Feb 25, 2013 1:31 PM Flag

    rare earth industry is dead and buried, china wins again...anybody surprised???? LOL LOL LOL


    Time for my sweet MCP FAILURES to recognize that the death of the NA rare earth industry is a perfect metaphor for the death of the USA itself. As such, its death had been forecast by every SMART market vet who truly understands both market HISTORICALS and TECHNICALS.

    Basically many many many moons ago, the increasingly bankrupt USA shipped its entire manufacturing base to China -- and so it should NOT be surprised that NA rare earth NEVER stood a chance of success.

    Essentially, the USA adopted a policy some time ago to ship its entire manufacturing base to Asia. That is what all declining empires do, ladies, they take measures that strip them of the ability to retain their economic autonomy, and America is now very much China's begging little girl. Furthermore, ladies, the fact that the USA is entering into a period of TOTAL DEPENDENCE upon China is the absolute historical signature of a fallen empire.

    Ladies, there are those SMARTER pros who saw this coming ages ago, and then there are the rah-rah American cheerleader morons who imagine a return to an Empire that no longer exists. Until you recognize that wall street derives MOST of its profits by taking an approach designed to SHORT SELL the hell out of every notable USA industry you can name, then you will remain just another rah rah cheerleader American dumbo who will be holding the LONG bag. If you honestly think that Old Baldie, aka Cramer, and his ilk are truly "long" in most of the USA companies they recommend, then you are just another dumb little girl enjoying a fairy tale fantasy. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Because ultimately, wall street SHORT SELLS everything into the dirt --- and that is why "buy and hold" is truly the strategy of AMATEUR LOSERS.

    If you can't come to grips with the REALITY of a USA empire that is in decline and on its way to 3rd World status, then you will NEVER NEVER NEVER be able to make $$$ profits from that FACT.

    This AINT rocket science, ladies, NO need for "special" wall street "advisers," the plethora of NO talent inherited money ivy league she-male boobs, all you require is an operating brain and the ability to see REALITY and THE OBVIOUS for what they are.

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